Our Mission. DCDC is the best dance studio in Maryland offering dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, competitive dance and more. UAC Directors Alesha Epong and Emily Hart have experience in the Dance Industry both in Australia and across the globe. Mural Artwork by … Features. More OUR STORY. We ask that you please wait in your car if you drove, or outside if you walked, for your scheduled session. Opening Hours. Sometimes we need something snappy. December 16, 2020. To avoid prolonged time in the lobby, your trainer will text, call, or otherwise signal to you through the windows when it is time for you to enter the space. We are the leading dance studio in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Instagram. “V.Y.B. Dance Company, of course, blew everyone out of the water with aerial contortioning and an absolutely flawless hip-hop routine.” - Creative Loafing Newspaper Urban Movement Arts (UMA) welcomes adults of all ages and experience levels to explore wellness, dance, and performance. Hip Hop, Kpop, Open Style Choreography, Jazz, Contemporary, Heels, and more! Contact us today: 301-840-8400 Contact. In a video shared on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Kidman alluded to Urban’s first live-stream concert held Mar. Both passionate about dance, Alesha and Emily, as well as the entire UAC Team, hope to create a Studio that gives you the perfect balance of fun, support, skill challenge and advancement, whilst being positive and professional. Specialties: Urban LA is a newly opened dance studio in the Koreatown, Los Angeles area. 17. Our mission at Urban Vibez Dance Studio is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes, but a unique experience in which the student can grow both mentally and physically as a dancer. Our programs and classes bring out the joy of discovering new ways of being and moving in the world. Evolution of Akrew Urban Dance Delicious as it is to have a long, languorous lunch, it isn’t always possible to have two bottles and let the hours slip away. I started going to the open workshops in backstreet and taking Adams class and the adult classes on the Monday evenings this year. Testimonials. Everyone is there for the same reason and a passion for dance. Media Gallery. Established in 2019.… Micheal "Crank" Curry, a dance instructor and owner of Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio, and two of his young students were in downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri, dancing. The studio is so welcoming and enjoyable. Studio glasses are not an option for the short term. I honestly couldn’t believe the support between the kids especially for new people coming into the class. New Dance Video । Sharara Shivjot । Easy Dance Steps । Dance Cover by Sam. 1:53. Come take a variety of classes such as Beg. & Adv.

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