If you are shopping from overseas, your credit card company will convert the transaction to your own currency. 250 four-stroke motocross bike comparison. This high-tech oil is a contributing factor in realizing the forks’ full performance potential. The Fork oil has its own SAE grading which ranges in the multiples of 5 (e.g. Simply by mixing equal parts of different fork oils with different viscosity grades, a new mixture can be achieved. The 4W fully complies with the specifications indicated by the WP’s fork design. (Read 1839 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Where an error has been made which is not down to Gear4 we may need to charge for the return postage. Select the relevant product group you are looking for and click to enter. Personally, I'mvery happy with the damping of my front Concerning my fork, there are no damping shims, only flow holes in the damping rods, so I’m O.K. BOTTLE by Mid USA. We've tried to keep all other shipping costs as low as we can. 10w30 Engine Oil. Yes, it is confusing! Putoline HPX suspension fluid is particulary suitable for monoshock, due to its very high VI. In the event that an item is not available then it will automatically be placed on back order. Front Fork Oil Öhlins has developed high-quality oils for its shock absorbers, forks, and cartridge kits. The 15WT rating on the Castol oil refers to the weight of the oil. Huh, isn't that motor oil? £6. I've been putting synthetic 20 weight fork oil in the Road Toads but haven't ridden them yet. If I mix equal quantities 2.5wt (Stendec) and 10wt (Castrol motorbike fork oil) I will get a 5wt oil? 99 Ex VAT. It said, "mix 50% SAE 70W non-detergent motor oil & 50% SAE 30W non-detergent motor oil in a container and shake well to mix." Most oil companies supply light SAE 5, Medium SAE 10, and Heavy SAE 20. Accessory Shop > Tools and Sealants > Silkolene Oils > Fork Oil > Identify Your Bullet Filter Parts By Model Register Your Model Customer's Enfields Worldwide Delivery 20% OFF ALL TYRES - … fork oil weight? Released in 2019, this oil replaces 7.5W oil … SAE 90 Gear Oil. Once the old oil is drained, each fork leg requires 450 ml of new fork oil. FWIW, fork oil weight is not as much of a factor as it was with damper rod fork assemblies. Original front fork oil for Kayaba front fork 0W grade, 1L:99000-99044-L01 5W grade, 0,5L:99000-99044-05G 10W grade, 1L:99000-99044-10G 15W grade, 1L:99000-99044-15G I used Golden Spectro 85/150 Fork Oil thats a 5W and a pure Syn. The 4W fully complies with the specifications indicated by the WP’s fork … I never had the front suspension bottom out but it was pretty soft. Posted 8 years ago Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total) Egad. Posted: Mar 4, 2019 at 17:52 Quote: I recently did a service on my Sr suntour axon werx fork. I sent out my fork bottoms to get chromed, & will be getting them back soon, & just wanted to know if there is a difference between using fork oil or sae 10 20 oil. Fork oil is available with different grades of viscosity; the weight of which determines the response of the fork suspension. However, with factory springs, I recomend SAE15 and … 10.4 4.4 Browse our range from brands like Castrol & Penrite. Key fork oil qualities include: the lowest possible friction coefficients to let the fork stanchions glide smoothly and achieve a sensitive response through minimal breakaway torque, optimum air and oil separation performance which is critical in minimizing foaming, and maximum thermal and shear stability to avoid viscosity degradation. Huge difference and worth the money. On each product you will be prompted with our current stock position. Limitless Motorcycle Fork Oils have been formulated to meet the varying viscosity requirements of motorcycle forks, dampers and suspension. Where an error has been made on our behalf we will ship the exchange to you free of charge. Shop online, in store or click & collect. As earlier mentioned, SAE stands for SAE 5 fork oil for regular road use. This is where not having a finely calibrated oil weight rating scale confuses matters even more. Non-racing)? Items showing "Instock For Immediate Dispatch" are on the shelf and are usually shipped the same day, depending on the time the order was received. LUCAS FORK OIL SAE 20 WEIGHT SYNTHETIC, 16 OZ. Shirts & Pants Chest (Inches) | EU Size Jacket | EU Size Waist (Inches) | Height (cm)XS: 31-34" | 46 | 28" | 164-170cmS: 34-37" | 48 | 30" | 168-174cmM: 37-40" | 50 | 32" | 170-179cmL: 40-43" | 52 | 34" | 175-185cmXL: 43-46" | 54 | 36" | 180-189cm2XL: 46-49" | 56 | 38" | 184-192cm3XL: 49-52" | 58 | 40" | 188-198cmThese values only serve as a guideline. About Smith & Allan Limitless Yamaha SAE 10w weight Fork Seal Oil. Motorex racing Fork Oil with the new “3D Response Technology” has been developed in collaboration with chassis specialists, leading racing teams and professional sportspeople. So I went to my local dealer and asked for the 10w20 oil for my forks and needless to say the service manager looks at me like I have 2 heads, and says thats motor oil, so now he's looking in his manual and sees the same thing and says he dosen't sell 10w20 oil. Just browse our catalogue via the user friendly menu headers or via the search facility. But, as the article shows, you may very well be changing your oil weight if you rely on the stated SAE weight (if you don’t use the exact brand and weight recommended)! Motorex Racing Fork Oil is available at well-stocked dealers in the award-winning Motorex 1-liter bottle. But, due to the international SAE standard being so loose, one oil … to put in my forks and try it out. Please take the following steps to action a return:-, 1- Complete the returns form below and enclose a copy with your goods, 2- Cut off the return address from the returns form and attach to the package. 99 Ex VAT Quick Look Putoline HPX R 15W Advanced Fork Oil - 1 Litre Formulated from special, highly refined, synthetic base oils 1 review £11. PUTOLINE HPXR 4 FORK OIL 1L PUTOLINE SAE 4 WEIGHT. in them a couple of weeks ago and they seem too harsh still. 1 review. I’d assumed that using the fork in an oil bath would do it through use but it seems that’s not the case. Maxima 55901 10WT Standard Hydraulic Fork Oil - 1 Liter Bottle 4.8 out of 5 stars 855 $15.95 $ 15. Id like to find something in the 10 wt. I'm bigger than Fauster and on my 97 Classic with my Jesse bags loaded is just below the max weight by a few lbs. But since the SAE weight schedule is so widely incremented, two cans of fork oil with different SSU viscosities of 80 and 100 can both be listed as a 5 weight (5wt). For larger items we recommend you use one of 3 third party courier companies. The SAE way of looking at things allows sale of a 2.5 weight oil that is thicker than a 5 weight oil! We accept most major credit and debit cards along with PayPal. Jan 4, 2011 D Fork Oil Level - 2007 KTM 450 XC Suspension 17 Jan 4, 2011 Fork Oil Ninja 250 Suspension 22 Sep 9, 2010 Ninja 250 Fork Oil Maintenance and Repair 11 May 13, 2009 Shop in east bay to replace fork oil? With its new Racing Fork Oil, Motorex supplies a whole range of fork oils in finely graduated viscosities setting completely new performance standards. For 1999 and above, 133mm/SAE10W-20. FORK OIL Std is 429mL of 10W20 Oil change is 365mL with tubes wet Complete change is 426-435mL with tubes dry Free clearance between top of oil and top of fork tube is 170-190mm w/springs out, and forks fully That fellow who puts in Bel-Ray High Perf. I came across the old oil mix recommendations for the front forks. For my yamaha it specially calls for ATF or Fork oil 20 weight. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. £15.99. Please note that for orders with multiple items that contain one or more items not on the shelf we will wait until the whole order is complete before dispatching. XXS: 6cmXS: 7cmS: 8cmM: 9cmL: 10cmXL: 11cm2XL: 12cm3XL: 13cm4XL: 14cm5XL: 15cm. Can someone tell me the oil weight of automatic transmission fluid. SILK53. Engine Oil. Fork Oil 7 weight oil after taking out his Bel-Ray High Perf. This perfectly harmonized triad of partly contradicting characteristics is the greatest strength of the Motorex 3D Response Technology. Castrol 51477 Specialties Motor Bike Fork Oil SAE 20W, 500 ml. The Fork oil has its own SAE grading which ranges in the multiples of 5 (e.g. 84 FREE Shipping Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil - 20W - 1L. Putoline 5W Formula GP Fork Oil - 1 Litre. Re: Fork oil weight - aaahhggg!!!! Simply by mixing equal parts FSM for "77~79 KZ1000 (Revised 4:Mar. Am I right to assume that mixing forks oils is ok and straightforward? The sizes required may vary depending on height, build and muscle/fat volume. These products maintain performance level for a long period and allow for long drain intervals. The measurement in centimetres will indicate your size of gloves. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Items not currently on the shelf due to either being special order items or on their way back into stock from the suppliers will show "Should be despatched between" the dates we expect the stock to leave the building. Start with a good quality oil brand, pick a weight and stick to that brand. I might be mis-recalling it since I read it late last night. I had planned on replacing the oil with 10w-30 but instead went to the local cycle shop and picked up a quart of 15w PJ1 Fork oil for 12 bucks or so. 10w40 Engine Oil. Michael cool, thanks. Fork oil is available with different grades of viscosity; the weight of which determines the response of the fork suspension. If you're unsure what fork oil grade / weight, or have a modified or unique Vehicle why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom recommendation. 4 sold. 21. 35 Ex VAT Quick Look not yet£10. the service manual says the 10-20 oil. At the checkout you will be asked for the details required to satisfy the order. 5 26 They are the ideal basis for finding the perfect set-up – be it for off-road, for the race track or for the street. Please advise our Customer Service Department, if you haven’t already done so, of any problems with your order as soon as practicable. We regret that beyond a "reasonable time", due to circumstances beyond our control we may be unable to process your claim. The book says each fork leg should hold about 4.4 ozs of oil.

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