-Spray Primer I found a sweet instructable about it, picked up some vinyl, and started carving! Starting with rough grit paper and moving to progressively finer grit, removing the design turned out to be surprisingly easy. It's a weak adhesive, not as sticky as the adhesive on the back of the vinyl, which means two things. For this design I only needed black for the background in addition to the primer and clear gloss. I didn't take a picture of it, but since I was going to paint the trucks I also put painter's tape over the threads and wheel seats so there wouldn't be any issues in reassembly. I eventually tracked down something close, and a little work in Paint.net resulted in the final image I wanted to use. If I had it to do over again I think I'd have done the deck more like the test image, but it still looks good. My brother pushed a little too hard at the start (the AC/DC logo was where he started) and left marks. I also found a vinyl vehicle decal of Yoda with "Do. When you made your skateboard … Good luck! To fix it, it was fairly simple to use a toothpick to apply some crazy glue to the underside and stick it down. Actual skaters take the designs you create, hand place them on 7-9 ply Canadian Maple decks (or occasionally Bamboo depending on the deck model), and laquered over to form a sealed coating to protect the print… Now is there any legal aspects to skateboard design for example using Darth Vader, Mario characters etc, Reply Finally, I used painter's tape all the way around the edge to keep the spray paint in its place. Have you ever wanted to have a custom skateboard, and wanted to make it yourself? I consider it a job well done. As mentioned previously, I used this excellent instructable to help me get started. Share it with us! Make it with your graphic and if you want a blank no problem just go to our blank deck section. The second was trickier. Turns out, customizing your skateboard can be fairly simple and easy. Our custom skateboard and longboard deck designer has all the functions that will allow you to create professional looking graphics for skateboards… If you're making money off it you either have to license the characters from whoever owns them or face potential legal issues. Unless you actually touch the spot, it's hard to even tell I messed it up! At some point, you have to admit to yourself that the relationship is over. I tried painted skateboard decks for the first time...Support my Art!!! In a few places, add large white stars, and mix them in with the surrounding color a bit to make a sort of halo effect. After the designs are cut out, use the tip of the razor and lightly lift up the tape you have cut, depending on how you want the masking to be. I was VERY upset with myself, but I calmed myself down and didn't panic. I'd love it if you took a minute to share this with a friend, rate, favorite, and subscribe to me for all my future shenanigans! Skateboard designs need at bleed of at least half an inch or 1.3 cm. I don't think I would do this with an actual skateboard someone is using for tricks (unless I had some clear grip tape). Skateboards comprise of three sections: the deck (the real board), the truck (a part typically made of metal, which links the wheels to the deck), and the skateboard wheels. Once you have the color chosen, spray 3-4 coats of that color on the board, but remember to put them on evenly. Designed for younger kids. I recommend reading the whole thing, but the key is, using a very sharp hobby knife, cut through the template image, through the vinyl, and do your best not to cut through the paper backing. That way, it was secured to the vinyl in multiple locations, not just at the sides and corners. First and foremost, I wanted the classic, iconic Star Wars logo. Free Shipping on all orders over $39.95. Cut a section large enough to completely cover the decal, apply it completely, and trim the whole thing down. Custom Skateboards is a Manufacturer offering high quality skateboard printing with your graphics. I picked up a complete deck on Amazon instead and sanded off the design. You control every part to make it how you want it. This is the most delicate part of the process, so do not mess up and take your time. DIY Composite Layup and Vacuum Bagging - Making a Carbon Fiber RipSurf for Braille Skateboarding. Whether you have your own skate team, you're a graphic designer, or you just want to see people riding your decks, a BoardPusher Online Shop is what you need. Build Your Own Skateboard at Zumiez! The Dad part of my brain started whirring to life, and I started researching. The places it's been totally torn off are ground all the way through the paint and show bare wood. She's managed to grind the bottom of the deck pretty hard in places so there are spots the sticker's been totally scraped off. Or do not. When removing the tape, though, pull it off slowly so no paint is removed. Make sure you primer your deck! Since this is a longboard used mostly to skate to and from school, I figured a small section of the top without grip tape wouldn't be a problem. Pay special attention to corners, those are easy to miss and have a tendency to rip later on when you remove the unused parts of the vinyl. 9 years ago Customize Your Skateboard Deck! I started with google image search, looking for the exact designs I would need. Then just put about 3-4 even coats of spray primer onto the board, and let that dry for a day. After your designs are all sketched up and ready to go, you'll want to get your razor blades ready. Take a look at the other example of the same processed described, but on my brothers guitar instead. Just reinstall the wheels and get ready for an excited recipient! I was working on some more designs and thinking about the protective coating you did. First, when you peel off the paper backing off this laminate "sticker", the adhesive will stick to the top of the vinyl and pull it off the paper backing. How's the sticker holding up? 4 years ago, About: depotdevoid is short for The Depot Devoid of Thought, the place where you go when you lose…, DIY Composite Layup and Vacuum Bagging - Making a Carbon Fiber RipSurf for Braille Skateboarding. Free Shipping on all orders over $39.95. -Skateboard Deck Take a look at how mine was taped, we removed the surrounding tape from the designs, because my base coat was red and I wanted the designs to be red. It shows that this can be used on many different things, not just skateboards. Step 1: Materials. Some areas are harder to sketch on, like the nose or the tail. On the other hand, many designers use a skate deck … We carry a huge selection of skate decks from the biggest distributors and the best skateboard deck brands that fly under the radar. The deck … "I really want a Yoda drop deck longboard," she says, "But I can't find one. Fortunately I was able to pretty easily fix them! I printed everything out at a size I liked, grabbed a piece of scrap wood and my tools, and went to work! When I painted the test image I used sponges and some yellow/gold color. Reply Skateboard decks … Honestly, a pen knife would be a bit easier, because applying too much pressure to the tape with the razor may damage the underlying base coat. Basically, you mix up three or four colors to use as swirly nebulae, and either use a paintbrush or sponge to apply them to the painting. We'll assemble it and ship it to you today! Custom skateboard decks. My daughter's been bugging me for a long board skateboard for years now. As I mentioned before, my projects don't usually look super great so it was pretty fantastic to see the results here. I also decided I wanted to cut out a small portion of the grip tape on top of the board and have some sort of design there--I've seen some pretty awesome decks that use that technique. I can't stress enough that you DO NOT want to push hard when cutting, as you can see in the pictures. I bet I can make a custom design that she'd like way better than that stupid Storm Trooper board! The longer the lines, the better the design will come out. 6 years ago Share it with us! I'd like to thank my brother for helping me by taping, sketching the designs, and cutting. Participated in the Make it Move Contest 2016. Look out for the screw holes too. First, you'll need to use your spray primer on the board. Paint your swirly cloudy nebulae and add stars with halos. The CCS Custom Board is constructed of 7-ply Canadian maple and the board will ride, slide, and wear just like you’d expect. Designs are screen printed on heat transfer papers and heat transferred to skateboard decks. The backing of the adhesive vinyl is probably at this point pretty screwed up. The first step is to secure the template image to the vinyl with scotch tape. Skateboard decks with no setup fees. After the decals are stuck on, you can carefully pull off the laminate. Free … Have you considered epoxying that sucka? Still, India loved and continues to love the crap out of her new longboard. Cover the whole skateboard, including the exposed wooden sides, with painters tape, with each strip slightly overlapping the other. Altair - a Tripod Mounted Refracting Telescope. I wanted to make sure everything matched up nicely. If you want it to stick better, use the sandpaper to rough up the old finish on the board. P.S. Use grip tape to … We do the rest. I build a lot of things, most of which range in appearance from, "that looks functional but sturdy" to, "that looks like it's falling apart". There is no try." quality 7-9ply hard maple decks, longboards and short, sliders, cruisers, downhill, street, everything, and it's done professionally by 14 yr veterans. Custom … This is the closest thing I could find." Flip the decal over and use regular scotch tape across all the cuts. All custom skateboards … I was really really happy with how this turned out. Draw a Skateboard Graphic How to Put Designs on a Skateboard Step 1: Priming the Board. I find your lack of Darth Vader disturbing :D. Anyway, you did a great job! I did my best to keep the line even and smooth as I wanted this to look as professional as possible. You can also design your own online on a couple websites, the best one is WhateverSkateboards.com. When done, flip it back over and grab your adhesive laminate. The results speak for themselves! Took most of a day to get it done, but after the last coat was dry it was ready to go! We'll assemble it and ship it to you today! Let the base paint dry for at least a day before masking the deck up. All of the decks are made in our factory where we can keep our quality control and management in the same facility. Choose from all available decks, and put together the skateboard parts you want. In this section you can find the shape you like, then add all the features you want. Turned out pretty good! on Step 6, You forgot the last part which is clear spray or fixative, Reply Once you've completely carved the vinyl decals, carefully remove the template and use the hobby knife or a sharp pair of tweezers to gently take out all the bits of vinyl that aren't part of the final image. Try to use long, confident lines, and not short little cuts. For this Yoda/Star Wars theme I … You don't want it to run. Click the "Customize Your Board" button above to upload your own image and … Once it was dry, I painted more nebulae over the fingerprints, flicked new stars, and added a bit more clear coat. The great thing about skateboard … You're done! To cut out your designs, lightly cut on your lines with the blade. Custom Skateboards as Wall Art-Custom skateboard decks make great wall art for you home, apartment, office, breweries, restaurants and more. The result was pretty good, so I decided to move on to the board. I'm not a copyright lawyer or anything, but my basic understanding is that if you're doing it for personal use you're fine. Design your own skateboard with graphics printed at the best price on the industry today. Custom Printed Standard Skateboard Mini Shape made with 7 plys of premium North American Maple, cold pressed with skateboard specific glue; the ingredients that make a professional skateboard deck!Traditional street type shape with a shorter wheelbase. Therefore, we left tape over what we wanted to keep red. Heat transfers are placed on skateboard decks … Choose from all available decks, and put together the skateboard parts you want. If anyone wants to see more of his work, he has a page at DeviantART. I love this, you could go into business as i bet people would pay top dollar for this kind of custom, Reply Step 2: Spraying the Base Color. I couldn't find much pre-cut, but the technique for custom decal making is very similar to that of old fashioned screen printing, which I did a whole bunch of back in high school. Carving the decals is fairly simple. Nobody tell her I put this here, but here's a gif of her progressively more and more insane reaction to the skateboard: Thanks as always for stopping by! For this Yoda/Star Wars theme I pulled together a pretty wide variety of resources from across the internet. on Introduction. It's the same thing; apply 3 to 4 coats of the color of your choice. -Spray Paint The design didn't matter, just the intersection of price vs. customer reviews. Otherwise, you may have to start all over, or get messy and use tape and correct your messed up cuts. I don't know about you, but I don't do a lot of freehand painting. I added the trucks back on and painted around them, then flicked white stars onto everything, including the trucks. Polyurethane varnish perhaps? Starting with the longboard deck itself, things get kinda pricey. I decided instead I'd go with vinyl decals. First, for the space theme, I watched a whole bunch of "galaxy" painting tutorials on youtube. Step 2: Plan Your Design. In the template images, all the black parts are to be kept and everything else goes. For her birthday this year she only asked for like three things, one of which was a Star Wars Storm Trooper longboard. They give such a playful, rugged and cool vibe mounted on a wall. It wasn't pretty. Rarely do I have a project end up looking as good as this one. Shop skateboard decks at Tactics if you need some fresh pop. Build your own custom complete skateboard. Did you make this project? Colored grip tape is available, and I've seen very cool designs added to the top of skateboards. Custom skateboards. Not sure how she's managed to do that much damage to a commuter skateboard. When that is done, begin sketching your designs wherever you can on the skateboard. Design your graphics online and skate your own decks. For example, this one and this one. This allows the screen printed ink to fixate strongly into the wood fibers of the skateboard deck. Next, after priming, you'll want to choose what your base color will be. 3 years ago. For this design I also needed black, blue, white, and red acrylic paint, you may need other colors if you go with a different design. Not too hard though, just very very lightly. I'm not sure if this is 100% required, but I didn't want to start peeling and find a couple little chunks of paper I had to pick off the back side of the decal. You just design your decks & collect your cash. -Painters tape I suggest using pencil, as pen does not write nicely on tape, and its not erasable. Leave a comment and tell me if this helped you! Customize and design your own custom skateboard, longboard, Grip Tape and wheels online. As a skate brand, these templates will come very handy when coming up with a new design for the skate deck. Finally, dip a toothbrush in white paint and flick it all over the painting however you like. I'm creative! For this, I put the yoda decal in the center of the deck and used a sharpie to draw around it. Your custom designed deck base price is only $49.99; Mark up your decks and make some cash. I started work on the top decal before the underside was dry (I'm a tad impatient). The first and most simple was just a little piece of the Yoda decal that started to peel up while the clear coat was drying. I'm sure there's somewhere you can buy a blank deck with no finish and all the hardware for a reasonable price, but I couldn't find it. My first thought for the main design was spray paint. I was really proud of how it turned out! Take a look at the video, with step-by-step instructions after! The skateboard builder has many advantages if you want to create your own skateboard design: See how your custom skateboard will look like. When I wax my truck it helps protect that one, but I have no idea what to coat the sticker on my laptop with. Automatically makes sure the parts you select fit together. Build Your Own Skateboard at Zumiez! Every aspect of a skateboard can be customized, from the deck, trucks and wheels to the bearings and hardware. Create a design template using graphic design software, such as Photoshop, then cut out and tape your template to your skateboard. You don't really get do-overs here, and text is especially important to align properly. Free … First, you'll need to use your spray primer on the board. I decided on a space background with a design painted or otherwise applied across it. On the deck itself I used actual paintbrushes and no yellow. Customers residing in Nevada, and ‘Ship To’ addresses in Nevada, must provide a resale cert to be excluded from paying sales tax. You'll also need spray paint, both a primer and color(s) you like, and a clear gloss. -60 and 150 grit sandpaper (optional) Then, using an exacto knife that I'd already broken the fine tip of, I cut a circle of grip tape out of the board and carefully removed it. So when should you replace your skateboard deck? The main deciding factor on this one versus similarly priced boards with similar ratings ended up being the color of the wheels--they matched the color I pictured for the Star Wars logo. I procured a complete longboard from amazon. Railroad Rail Lantern / Sign Stand Split With Axe. If you want, you can put the trucks on and ride the skateboard. -Razor Blades or pen knife This adhesive laminate, found at most hobby stores, is perfect for this job. Sketch and design your own custom skateboard deck Make your own foam mold by hand Use vacuum-forming to press your skateboard deck Use power tools to shape your board Sand and drill your board Put custom artwork on your board Learn: Anatomy of a Skateboard: Deck… That said, if I was making something like this for a skateboard or wanted a less precise design, there are options. "Want to Learn How to How to make a Custom Skateboard and Grip tape Design! Let it dry for a day or more, and remove the tape VERY slowly, as you don't want to lift any paint with it. A bundle of the most advanced and easy to use free skateboard mockup templates with a realistic look. That breathing protection is important, you're making really fine particles of who knows what and you probably don't want to breathe them in! The actual painting process was basically the same as with the underside of the deck, but with more painter's tape. I've got a lot of experience with spray paint and using stencils. -Pencil for sketching designs The pedant in me wants to shout about how people usually mean "nebula" when they say galaxy, but I'll shut him up for now because these are pretty cool designs that are easy for a beginner such as myself to replicate (after some practice, more on that in a bit). 3. You may want to cut very lightly around the tape with your razor to separate the tape from the paint. With a project of this magnitude and intricacy, and with fingers as clumsy as mine, it was inevitable that I'd make at least a couple of mistakes. It's not like you can do tricks with this kind of board. It's possible at this point for the thick paint to stick to the tape and start lifting off the board, but if you're careful all should go well. Railroad Rail Lantern / Sign Stand Split With Axe. Unlike most of the things I've posted here, this isn't a particularly low cost project. Use spray paint to capture the design on your deck. One thing I made sure to do was leave a little bit of bare wood between the painting and the grip tape, to kind of mirror the bare wood between the bottom of the deck and the grip tape. First, remove all the hardware, the trucks and wheels, and set them aside (in a box or bag so you don't lose any pieces). Before attempting the skateboard, I painted a piece of scrap wood black and tried out the technique. Beyond this you'll need some adhesive backed vinyl in the colors you like, painter's tape, a small amount of clear adhesive laminate, a hobby knife, a range of sand papers, various screw drivers and wrenches to disassemble the skateboard, paintbrushes, a sponge, and a toothbrush you don't plan on brushing your teeth with. At the same time I was doing this with the deck, I did the same thing to the trucks. Mine was highly rated and reasonably priced. I also cut a couple of holes in the image that I new would end up blank and taped through those. The thing's already flaking off. As soon as your nose or tail starts to chip it’s time to replace your deck. A little trickier was finding the right Yoda image. on Introduction. After the designs are cut and ready to be painted, repeat the process described back in the applying base color step. The result was nice and clean and ready for a new design. Thanks! The example I show here is a Star Wars themed longboard, but you could use the techniques I employed to make any sort of design you can come up with. : Sweet "Star Jedi" font is by Boba Fonts and available 100% free from here! Draw a custom skateboard by hand. Be sure to use a sharp one, as dull ones will require pressure, which will gouge your board. We will custom … It already looked good enough and was fine with me, if I put a clear coat on, I would've added that too. Using a pen knife gives much more pressure control. When dry, I added the "Do or Do Not" decal and it was done! We are always investing in better faster ways to make skateboards … Since we are a skateboard … This video is about the design process of my "Revenge of the Banana" custom skateboard. Carefully place your decals. What I found was that there isn't really what I would consider a good Yoda design drop deck skateboard out there. Did you make this project? 1 year ago. Well then, I've got skills! Everybody likes to have their own custom built board which is why we offer Build Your Own Board. If you're confident in your skills just go for it, but if not I recommend trying it out first! Mostly intact though. A typical skateboard deck has a length of 81.3 cm, a width of 20.3 cm and is somewhat less than 1.3 cm thick. Instantly see how the look and price are changed when you change a part. Our skate team has pulled together the best selection of skateboard … Send us your graphic and we will do the rest. When chips and cracks and sharp edges start to appear, it will compromise safety. Find the perfect skateboard components with advice from an experienced skater and skate park owner in this free video application on skateboarding. For me, though, I'll keep it on display in my room along with my other board. The only one I could find was a standard longoard with Yoda from the prequel trilogy, and India really likes Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back. I would estimate that for this project, including the cost of items I already owned (like spraypaint), I spent around $200, perhaps a bit more. The next coat covered them up a little though, so a few mistakes is okay. Okay well I was pretty sure but I often doubt myself. Next, after priming, … Tools needed: The sticker's doing great...or it is in places. I also had a couple of beers and was rushing to get things done in time for India's birthday, and I forgot the bottom wasn't dry...I grabbed the edge of the skateboard and the softened paint squished out around my fingers! Oh man, I wish I'd realized years ago how important a primer coat is. Customize the graphic, pick the trucks, wheels and bearings you want. Just print out a skateboard template from your printer, create art on the paper, then just snap a picture and upload to preview your skateboard. Browse skate deck size and shapes so you can get exactly the board what you want. Pretty awesome check it out: http://www.whateverskateboards.com, 9 years ago As I mentioned I watched a lot of youtube videos (including this one and this one) about how to paint a galaxy. You won't succeed in completely avoiding that, which is why you want a cutting board or scrap wood to protect your workbench (or kitchen table, as the case may be). Unlike most of the things I've posted here, this isn't a particularly low cost project. Custom skateboard decks are among our most popular products. Once the decals are carved and negative space vinyl is removed, there are a couple more steps. Altair - a Tripod Mounted Refracting Telescope. Custom Skateboards Manufacturer. The final thing to do is to clear coat the deck. In fact, she just bought some sweet light up wheels for it. Click the "Customize Your Board" button above to upload your own image and … We offer as little as one custom printed deck, deck … Ok so I'm starting my own skateboard and wheel design line. It might weigh the board down but a thin coat... then again you wouldn't want her to get epoxy splinters whenever she grinds a rail.I've been trying to think of different coatings for different applications. Keep an eye out for our video clips spread across our site showing the manufacturing process being made with our equipment. This will protect your hard work from the day to day dings that always happen with skateboards. That's it, thanks for reading my instructable! The largest selection of old school, mini cruisers, skateboards and longboard deck … Choose a pre-selected setup, a pro setup, or make a custom setup. Sell your decks … Still worth it! Easy enough. It's hvrock13.deviantart.com. Well read these simple instructions, and you can have one in no time! Custom Skateboards, Wheels, Grip Tape Or Blanks. I've never been good at getting spraypaint not to leech out under the edges of stencils and painters tape. If you will be doing a lot of masking techniques (for example, my Eddie Van Halen skateboard design), you'll want to decide what color should go on first, depending on your design. Just like in the last step but on a larger scale. I wanted the main design to have cut outs that showed off the space background. I lightly went over the deck in gray primer three times, before adding three coats of flat black. Next, I strapped on some eye, ear, and breathing protection, and started sanding. Finally, it's time to carefully remove all the painter's tape. around his face that I used on the top of the board. If you should use my instructable as inspiration to make your own custom deck, post some pictures in the comments and I'll send you a digital patch and three month pro membership! If all has gone well, the vinyl sticks to the deck and the laminate just lifts right off! Ho ho! Skateboard decks don’t last forever. Second, when you stick this to the final surface, the adhesive on the vinyl will hold strongly to the surface, but the laminate will come off easily and leave the vinyl stuck to the skateboard. The CCS Custom Board is constructed of 7-ply Canadian maple and the board will ride, slide, and wear just like you’d expect. Your new skateboard is done and ready to go! In fact, on the very first skateboard I ever customized I made a Dobbshead stencil and painted it on the underside.

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