With the decision being made so rapidly by senior management, they then acted decisively to register me with the team & get me onto a start line ASAP. It was a bit easier at the classics, where I was on the front all day, but at the Vuelta, I was chasing attacks and getting into breakaways, that’s something I haven’t done in seven years. I'm having some Garmin computer upload issues so all the data is from my watch at the moment. I made sure to remind them whilst being interviewed that i was die hard loyal Geelong Football Club fan ensuring myself & my team would have the maximum crowd support! He’s come along so much, and you add his knowledge, which he loves passing it along. The swim for me hasn’t been too bad, and when I am Tenerife, there is a 50m pool there. Fortunately logistics all lined up for me to be on the starting line within 7 days in Australia. Sure enough after only 10 minutes or so Brett told us the Peleton was now in 3 groups & pre race favourite Elia Viviani was caught behind. That made me realize, looking ahead to Kona, once we know it’s happening, that’s the one race you need to give all the respect to with all the preparation without jeopardizing that. I have to pinch myself that all this is happening to me this year. P.s. We had hoped to swim during the classics, but with the bubble, that wasn’t possible. Extremely excited that my 2020 season is underway!!! From a technical standpoint, I feel more comfortable about riding, and no one’s complained about my style. Brett Lancaster was a our sports director for the race which was fantastic. Was certainly a high note for the ineos gang to finish the Australian Racing block. For me, it’s like a dream come true. I did what was asked of me & I'm now more equipped to ensure I'm better prepared for the next time i pin a number on my racing suit. You do some turns at quite a high level, and there would be 10-15 guys. I was a little nervous as when i stopped my Garmin after i finished 30km less than everyone else mind you!! While at this point the plan was for me to be more integrated into the team structure in 2020 the primary goal & focus would be on preparing for Kona. When your out on a run there is little you can do but just trudge on. You always can tell how good the move is by what teams & off course which riders start rotating through in the echelon. Cameron Wurf est un coureur cycliste sur route australien, né le 3 Août 1983. Being at the right spot at the right time, who to watch, who to follow, and when you have a team like Movistar at the Vuelta, you know they’re capable of doing something crazy at any given moment. Not very often. Why not, How often will you get to do a brick run off a WorldTour bicycle race?? Ironman. 5,599 Likes, 72 Comments - Cameron Wurf (@cjwurf) on Instagram: “I love racing the Ger Man's‍in Germany” She was seven and a half months in, and we considered going back to the US, but in Andorra, we set up a chat group, and we decided to stay. I thought what a great opportunity to run on really really tired legs! I’ve maintained my swimming and running to a point that once we know there is an Ironman on in the future, I will be in a position to begin training for that more specifically. velonews.com. My first task was to make sure we didn't miss anything that would threaten the outcome of the race. I scooped up Pavel & we made our way back the back of the field. When your used to waking up at 3:30am on race day waking up before 8 is never an issue! Kona was eventually canceled, and Wurf ended up racing a lot more than he ever expected. Then Luke called our troops to arms & told me to drill it, was time to cause some chaos. CW: Absolutely. June 26, 2020 VeloNews.com Worst case I'd be dropped in the first few kms & best case I wouldn't be the first rider dropped & not cause any crashes! Upon hearing this we really started to turn the screw. Former Olympic Rower, Pro Cyclist, Pro Triathlete. I dropped out the back of the peleton for the first time in my return to the racing, on this occasion voluntarily which felt rather empowering haha!!! It certainly reminded me how hard the races can be. I really felt like she was treating things like a dress rehearsal for our boy's first day at kindergarten. And be of best service as I can at the team, and see how good I can be at it. With the lockdowns, I had to make my own gym. Dans la course féminine, victoire de Camilla Pedersen en 4h56’57. I was presented with all the team clothing including the Suitcase! Cameron Wurf, né le 3 août 1983 à Hobart, est un sportif australien. Cameron Wurf currently holds the Ironman Nice and Kona bike course records! Il prend part durant sa carrière à des compétitions d'aviron, de cyclisme et de triathlon. It so much more intense when you’re in there. I’ve forgotten how hard it is to get into moves. CW: The Olympic pool had a fire, and that’s been closed, but I swim in a private club. Then, we catch up with Cameron Wurf on switching from pro cycling to triathlon and back. A little over a week ago Carsten Jepperson, Team Ineos Head of Operations, called me to ask if I'd be interest in returning to the world tour with Team Ineos. It was nice actually pass a little of that on finally & hopefully it's something i can do more of in the future. 2019. Guys were tired, guys were crashing, guys were hurt, so there was a lot more times than we initially anticipated that the team needed me to jump in and do some significant races. VN: Living in Andorra, where can you swim? 11 talking about this. You blow up in a run, and there is nothing that can help. On the team, we never talked about him being the leader. It’s a great atmosphere on the team. Ironman News Cameron Wurf beats the IRONMAN Italy record with 7: 46: 54 Less than a month from Kona, the Australian is in top form. Quickstep had simply been better than us on the day. It was also the first time Rohan Denis would be at this camp & i think considering the fact we both have the ability to be rather annoying at times, it softened the blow to 50/50 meaning that as a combo we where more tolerable, if that makes sense. He ended up racing the Ardennes classics and the Vuelta a España. When we finally arrived at the race start things finally started to feel a little familiar. Get 15% Off Membership →, New Year, Fitter You. When Movistar has their aero helmets on during a flat stage, I know they’re looking for the crosswinds. Before i knew it it was Sunday morning. On this week's episode we discuss Marc Hirschi's surprise transfer and Chris Froome's rehab. VN: So to remind everyone, your return to the WorldTour is to help your ambitions at Kona; where will you see the biggest benefit from so much road racing? Triathlon Today: Your News, Our Passion. It took me a while to get my legs moving but soon enough i was loping along at my usual long run tempo of 4:00 per/km pace. I simply reminded him that you have to endure the tuff days in the WorldTour as it makes you appreciate the good days so much more. You could see how concerned he was, and I said to him after the second or third day, when he missed out on the echelon on the descent, the next day he was on the front with us. Finally there is nothing left to do than whatever it is that's been asked of you, no more time for talk or to speculate, just roll up the sleeves & get stuck into it. I’ve always been a bit of an outlier, so it’s nice to be apart from those guys in Girona. CW: I didn’t think about triathlon too much [in 2020], except that I plan on being at Kona [this] year. When I do run, I am running a lot faster than I used to. This in turn gave us a clear indication of what areas of my training need to be tweaked a little to ensure I'd be useful as possible to the team as the season rolls out. The Tour de France even five years ago, you didn’t even bother tuning in the first week. Dans l'épreuve, il a terminé neuvième. As we approached Brett reminded us there was only 2k to the corner & i needed to do everything possible to get Pavel up there asap!! I spoke with the Brett at Nike who'd noticed the same trend so we are all scratching our heads on why a bike race has improved my running all of a sudden!! I well and truly used up my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & many many more winds that kept me in the race for as long as I'd been able to stay up there. I picked my way through the bunch taking some risks for the first time that day but halfway through the field it was so nervous & bunched up I couldn't see a way through. The idea was to help the team fill some gaps across the season and use the intensity of racing to help his preparation for the Ironman World Championship. VN: How was the lockdown for you last spring, and were you able to train much? It was more of a case of when it would fit with the team & how that would aid me in my aspirations for Kona. Having that muscle memory back, that’s what will make a big difference for me in an Ironman, to be able to dictate the pace even more and leave myself in a much better position when I get to the run. 2019 LA It's safe to say 2019 has started really really well for me. She made the comment it seemed like dropping a boy off to his first day of school, something ironically we will be doing in 5 years time with our first born due in May. CW: I initially really struggled with the rhythm of races. That’s why you see more crashes, more fatigue. When we hit the first climb sure enough my head wanted me to push forward but my legs where sending me backwards, i simply had no more top end left to give, i was absolutely cooked. I think my bike-handling has improved a lot. Every day I felt more part of the race. I didn't want to be the first one dropped which secretly was definitely my biggest fear at the start of the day. It’s only 25 meters, but that’s plenty for what I need to do. Caleb Ewen's team where controlling the pace of the peleton on the right hand side of the road so we set up camp on the far left inline with them. 46 talking about this. As our team didn't have a all out sprinter which this race generally favoured our objective was to make it was as hard as possible for everyone from the start. This immediately reminded me this was for sure the best opportunity that could've ever been presented to me, i simply couldn't wait for Sunday to roll around & get back in the bunch. Unfortunately no sooner had the gap topped out at a 60 seconds that we turned another corner into a block headwind. The Future of Long-Course Fast Is On The Run Nick Busca. I get along great with the team and the staff. VN: And you said you were doing some running during Vuelta? Naturally, once a champion always a champion & Brett certainly leads by example. New Year, Fitter You. Cameron Wurf: I was brought onto the team as a backup, someone who they could call up when they were short-handed and someone who would always be … There was stuff going on every day. Big thanks to all who made sure I…” 153 Likes, 8 Comments - Cameron Wurf (@cjwurf) on Instagram: “I may have merely been a paticipant in #kona this year, sadly the best I could do with my bung left…” The shoes of Kiry could never ever be filled, he's in a league of his own in the role he played for the team, however Dave B felt, my coach Tim felt, & Carsten felt i was capable of filling at the very least a portion of the workload that had been set out on Kiry's colander for 2020. In the end, we had a little boy, and it’s been wonderful. From there they all had a free roles to chase after some glory on Geelong's waterfront. CW: There were a lot of crashes in Tour of Wallonie, and one day someone took out my front wheel. VN: Did you notice that you might have lost a bit of touch on how to move in the peloton, or are you worried about a bad crash taking you out of triathlon? Once up on the stage there was certainly nowhere to hide & I received a very warm welcome from the crowd. My family arrived, Fallon, Mum, Dad, cousin, some family friends so that was great. Having said that, as positive as i am basically always there was a part of me & certainly Tim had similar concerns that we really had no idea what was going to happen. Instagram; YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; RSS; Home/Ironman News/ Cameron Wurf beats the IRONMAN Italy record with 7: 46: 54. VN: So you really haven’t had a chance to test yourself in a triathlon after putting so much racing in on the road? Every team is at a much better level and there is far more depth. You never know who is going to win. @ironnmanlive / Cameron Wurf winning the IRONMAN Italy Today, a new edition of the Cervia Italia has been held … Cameron Wurf (born 3 August 1983) is an Australian professional triathlete and road cyclist, who currently rides for UCI WorldTeam Ineos Grenadiers. Pavel attacked again and was soon joined by one of those pesky quickstep greedy race winners. With the sudden retirement of Vasil Kiryienka, one the peletons legendary cyclists, the Time Trail World Champion, Grand Tour Stage winner & regarded as the greatest domestic delux of this generation, the team needed someone to step in immediately to ease the burden off his departure. I’ve felt quite comfortable in the bunch. My 2020 racing season took a rather unexpected twist on Sunday & I jumped back in the Peleton. Once again i took the wind on the front of the bunch with the other 6 guys lined up behind me. I stopped at a petrol station after 11km & sculled a Ice break Ice Coffee, they are the best iced coffees on the planet! Aussie multi-sport star returned to the WorldTour in 2020 to shine at Kona, but ended up racing more than ever expected on the road. Personally i was absolutely stuffed after the first pull i did!! Cameron Wurf is a professional Australian cyclist, who currently rides for the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team. As Alberto & I both pulled out of the race with 2 laps to go, hopefully its a good omen for my next race, perhaps ill win haha!!! As if there was any doubt she basically kicked me out of the car, told me to take my suitcase & my bike & enjoy myself, she'd be staying just down the road if i needed a cuddle after getting teased by the guys on my first day back! The racing was just flat out and brutal. Having the like of Caleb & Andrei chopping off on the front of the peleton was not only helping our cause but also working nicely into our plan by making them work harder than sprinters often like to in the beginning of a race. Guess it really doesn't matter how or why does it. Also when a decision needs to be made on the fly Luke is the one who makes the call, obviously a rather important roll. Anyways the boys made me feel 10 feet tall they where so complimentary. As a friend, I am glad I was there with him. On TV when the bunch is all bunched up like that you think they mustn't be riding that hard, that's what I've convinced myself sitting on the sofa this past 5 years anyways! I sculled a few mini cokes & a Powerade and trudged off. When they also sent me home with both bikes i was a little intrigued as I wasn't aware of what I'd need another UCI TT bike for, let alone a rim brake road bike. Email Address Subscribe. At the camp it was clear that I wasn't on the rider roster but everything else would indicate i was every bit apart of the team. I’ve fitted in quite well here. Sa dernière victoire est le Chrono Champenois 2007. I've said it many times before but as I'm going to become time poor sometime around May i assure you ill keep my blogs much shorter in the future. I need to improve my swimming a bit to use more effectively the bike segment, especially for Kona, where the guys are very fast in swimming. Cameron Wurf.

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