Port Clinton, Ohio. The key to jibing, we learned, is the release of large amounts of sheet before the main comes across; this way the chute fills in front of the headstay before being blanketed by the main. Here are 16 PHRF racing sailboats that you can own and campaign on a moderate budget. The plate and keel box are fit to the foil with clearance allowed for impact. The rudder is a lightweight blade constructed of carbon fiber with fiberglass and wood reinforcement at the head, transom-mounted on pintles and gudgeons that appear to be adequate for the loads developed. Because we sailed without instruments, it was difficult to gauge speed or sail angle, but we felt as though we were sailing high and fast. Year 1983 . We tend to agree with his assessment, but this arrangement does detract from the overall appearance of the boat. Newly Published From the PS Staff and Writers, Fighting Off Marine Electrical System Corrosion. The boat is fairly forgiving but you have to think fast. ... F33, F44, F55), Moore Sailboats … Sale Pending… I purchased the boat from Tom Schock at WD Schock in March of 2010 as the second owner. The Antrim 27 lets us see Jim's talents applied to a boat that is (almost) normal. It can be fully enclosed with hatch boards, and there’s room for additional buoyancy. North Sails makes fast and versatile sails for the Ultimate 20 class, manufactured using the most advanced technology and highest quality materials in the industry. On larger, performance boats, this might be 80 feet of high tech double braid line. Year 2002 . Rather, he is an experienced multihull sailor and marketing expert who envisioned catamaran performance in a monohull, identified an existing design that might do it, then assembled a team of experienced designers and builders to develop the final product. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. The Ultimate 20 is a 20′ 10″ high-performance keelboat. Ultimate 20 AP Mainsail. The U20 is lightweight, trailerable and offers responsive dighky-like handling, with cockpit comfort of much larger sailboat. Category Cruisers . The Ultimate 20 is easy to sail and just as easy to launch. From a strictly utilitarian standpoint, most average-sized persons will find the space adequate for overnight camping trips or nights spent aboard during regatta weekends, as long as cooking and bathing facilities are available. The deck also is constructed with a Baltek core, over which a 10-ounce layer of cloth is laid, followed by a .75-ounce mat. When you're at the helm, you'll feel a quick, dinghy-like response combined with the stability normally expected on a much larger boat. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Below are regatta pictures and the boats for which we currently have pictures and information: Boats for Sell. Find 27 foot Sailboats for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Sailing away from the dock, the first impression is of speed and lightness. She did give me the number to the people who bought the sailboat company, but I have left 2 messages and nobody returns my call. It may be 13 years old but this Sport Boat has still got it. It carries 306 square feet of fully battened mainsail and roller furling jib, and flies a 452 square foot asymmetrical spinnaker. All-purpose We make this sail from 5.46 firm finished cloth. Surfaces are smooth, edges are rounded, and a bright white finish creates the illusion of spaciousness. Find Schock Harbor 20 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. The deck overhang does deflect spray away from the boat, helping to keep the crew dry. A halyard line is the rope that pulls the sail up the mast. Its high-aspect ratio keel is fully retractable so it can be trailered like a centerboard boat. When the boat was first introduced, Jay was selected as the class sail maker because of his long history … I got a number of inquiries from your website but no buyers. The difference is much bigger than the 2ft LOA suggests. Accommodations are adequate for overnighting, and it is easily trailerable. Can you be of any assistance in trying to figure this all out? home sales Holder 20 Sailboat. Disp./Len. Since he has 26 years of experience constructing performance boats designed to sail in rugged conditions, the selection of Moore as the builder was a propitious choice. Employing state of the art computer aided design, drafting and machining along with good old hand craftsmanship we produce beautiful, long lasting spars that incorporate seamlessly into any project. Welcome! Just about everybody looking for popular production sailboats (Hunter, Catalina, Beneteau, Oday, Macgregor, and others) ends up here. After that, preparing to sail is simply a matter of pinning the shrouds to the chainplates; lowering the keel by employing a patented gantry system that controls its passage between Delrin slides built into the hull; securing an aluminum cover to protect the keel from sliding upward while heeled; attaching the tiller; and heading for open water. This leaves the trimmers with enough room to perform their tasks forward in the cockpit. The modified design also incorporates the addition of curves and radiuses to the coachroof and cockpit, subtle changes that softened the edges to improve both appearance and ergonomics. Ultimate 20 AP Mainsail. The freeboard also helps in the volume down below. Not only that, it's fairly easy to sail, too. 2003 20.83' Ultimate Ultimate 20 sailboat for sale in Birmingham Alabama The 1984 Holder is a fractional sloop with a lifting keel with a displacement of approximately 1200 lbs loaded. When the breeze increased, we reduced headsail sag by tensioning a line led through a block on the furler. Sailboats are an investment that can provide years of enjoyment for you and your friends. With its small size and simple design, the Ultimate 20 is the ideal boat for racing or taking the family out for an exciting sail. The boat is not equipped with lifelines or hiking straps, a drawback. This boat was originally day sailed at Big Bear Lake and then moved to Elephant Butte Lake in southern New Mexico after purchase. The Ultimate 20 … The fun comes naturally. Condition: Good; Year manufactured: 1984; contact us. On some small sailboats, this might be a short 20 foot length of basic 5mm line. $3,800.00. Port and starboard quarterberths are 96″ long, 18″ wide. $3,800.00. Our Ultimate 20 experts are … 190. The forward V-berth is 94″ long, tapering to a 64″ width at the mid-section of the boat, which is functional as a large stowage space, or sleeping quarters for two average-sized persons. description. google_ad_height = 250; Ultimate 20 Sailboat For Sale David Walters Yachts - YouTube David Walters Yachts specializes in yacht brokerage services and has a history that began The Ultimate Voyaging Yacht - For Sale by David Walters Yachts - Duration: 20 minutes. Antrim’s recent successes include work as a member of the structural design team for Bill Koch’s America’s Cup winner, and the design of Aotea, a trimaran that recently set a record in the San Francisco-Hawaii single-handed race. Ultimate 20, 1996, Louisville, Kentucky, $19,500. As a service to the Ultimate 20 sailing community, the U20 Class Association maintains a resopurce to U20 sailboat news and events in the United States and Canada. The Ultimate 20 is a 20' - 10" high-performance keelboat. A deck-mounted pole also increases the amount of interior space, a consideration on any 21-footer. Their first design was the Ultimate 20, now 177 boats strong worldwide, with fleets in the Northwest, … Hunters for Sale. Jay has been making sails for the Ultimate 20 since boat #1. Below the berth, a fiberglass pan extends to the companionway, incorporating longitudinal stringers that provide support for the berth and separate the space into watertight compartments of 1,800 pounds positive buoyancy. The bulb keel is raised and lowered by a patent- pending winch assembly that is removable. Canepa yelled, “We’re going over,” eased the sheet as we rounded up, then trimmed the chute as it filled on a downwind course. A working jib carrying 100 square feet of sail is mounted on a Harken roller furler recessed below the deck. September 16, 2020. Attacking the sportboat market, Ultimate Sailboats International of Santa Cruz, California, asked Jim to come up with an ocean-capable 27-footer that would be a perfect boat … On some small sailboats, this might be a short 20 foot length of basic 5mm line. Hello. In 1988, with the sailboat market headed for what the Federal Reserve Board calls a hard landing, he purchased the molds for the Hotfoot 20 at a sheriff’s auction and placed them in a storage container. Its high-aspect ratio keel is fully retractable so it can be trailered like a centerboard boat. Though the mast compression post and trunk for the lifting keel reduce space belowdecks, we didn’t find the U20 to be significantly less spacious or comfortable than similarly sized boats with fixed keels or centerboards, though quarters are reduced by the long cockpit. For openers, he recruited Ron Moore, the well known Santa Cruz boatbuilder who carved a reputation building the Moore 24 and other ultra-light, ultra-fast boats, giving him responsibility for construction of a prototype, using the Hotfoot molds. Please include the Hull/Sail number, year of the boat, owner’s first name and the state where the boat is located. The fundamental difference is that the U20 is a large dinghy and the Rocket is a small keelboat. LWL 18 ft. Start with a modest kit, adding tools and materials only as your skills grow and projects require them. Holder 20 Sailboat. $25,900 . This cloth makes a sail that is very low stretch and that will hold its shape well throughout the entire range of conditions the boat is sailed in. During tacks, the driver moves across the boat between the end of the tiller and the mainsail sheet while the trimmers duck underneath the boom. Just wanted to let you know that both the snipe and the ultimate sold over the weekend. Mike New and used from manufacturer Ultimate Sailboats for sale. Item: 9855. 16 Cheap PHRF Racing Sailboats . List of known Holder 20… Sailed with a crew of three, the driver steers from the aftermost position and controls the mainsheet, which attaches to Harken track and a swivel block recessed in the cabin sole. © Belvoir Media Group, LLC. Ultimate-24 Sailboat. Sailboats Under 20 Feet Provide Fun Adventure on the Sea. Founded in 1993, Ultimate Sailboats has built a reputation as a builder of fast and durable sportboats. Buy or sale used sails, Boats, Sailing Accessories, Sailing Gear, we have the largest selection of used sails in the US. 1996 Ultimate 20 LOA 20 ft. 10 in. The mast cradle is elevated at the front of the trailer, which increases leverage during the hoist of the 45-pound mast while it is attached to the trailer winch. The outboard motor, fuel and dock gear can be stored in a 12″-deep compartment below the cockpit. Ultimate 20 Sailing. With precision control and state-of-the-art technology, this maintenance-free performer also carries an award for the industry's highest resale value. I believe the ultimate 20 is made off the same mold htat the hotfoot was. By 1972, he’d captured the Hobie National Championships, followed in 1973 with the first of two World Championships. If you're going to sail you'll be doing some stitching-no two ways about it. Canepa is the antithesis of the traditional boatbuilder, staid types who worked their way up the professional ladder by lofting lines, stoking steam boxes and laying planks. The Ultimate 20 was the result of … Holder 20 Sailboat. Depending on sailing conditions, the jib may be furled or flown. Buying Guide: Sailboats 20 to 27 Feet. Sailboat Halyard Lines - Main Halyard, Jib Halyard, & Spinnaker Halyards. Ultimate-24 Sailboat. Clearly, this boat is happiest when it’s away from the parking lot. Unfortunately, because the joint is exposed, it detracts modestly from the appearance of the vessel and would seem to be vulnerable to collisions.