The ULTIMATE way to travel. 15 reasons why sailing around the world may not be for you. Brian Trautman turned an 18-month sailing trip into 11 years of sailing around the world with stops in 6 continents and 45 countries and is still going. The plan is to volunteer in marine conservation projects such as Save Our Seas and  Oceanswatch and also get involved in local communities with educational approach. Our adventure began in June 2016 in south of Turkey where already Phoenicians and Lycians sailed the same waters thousands of years ago. Nearly four years ago, a CW member started a forum that is still captivating today. Next the Seas of Indonesia, then the Indian Ocean. People. With our interactive boat route planner, you can plan your sailing trip to the smallest detail. You can see Panama, then stop at Galapagos, visit the Pitcairn Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Srí Lanka, India, Madagascar, South Africa… and that is just touching on to the major points of which there can be twice as much if you want to. World ARC is a round-the-world adventure taking place over 15 months and covering 26,000 nautical miles. So you will be doing the work in the end. A popular circumnavigation route (starting at the Panama Canal) follows the trade winds across the South Pacific, north of Australia, across the Indian Ocean south of the equator, around South Africa, and back across the South Atlantic as shown by the satellite track of our circumnavigation in Celebrate. If you are not confident, avoid it. The majority of round the world voyages undertaken by cruising sailors are sailed from east to west for the very good reason that such a route benefits from mostly favourable conditions. Sailing from the U.S. West Coast to Hawaii can be a very enjoyable experience and plenty of sailors make the trip regularly. Sailing in itself is an adventure, but sailing around the world can be an adventure of a lifetime. There are several ways you could sail around the world, but if you want to minimize the inevitable risks, there's really only one way to go. Would wearing the same bathing suit (or a variety of bathing suits) for 16 hours on five consecutive … We have been sailing for thousands of years, and there is quite a bit of data out there. Our WYR route has been designed by our experts to provide great sailing routes and amazing destinations utilising our knowledge of prevailing weather patterns around the globe to ensure you get there at the best time, with the best and safest conditions. It keeps you close to the coast quite often, so you don't have to plan as much when it comes to consumables, spares, and energy - and if something breaks, you can dock at the next opportunity and have it repaired. The first people to sail a ship around the world were the handful of survivors of Ferdinand Magellan's expedition, which was completed in 1522. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a fellow by the name of Jimmy Cornell has put together a fantastic book called “World Cruising Routes.” This book is basically a list of all the weather patterns of the world. Many sailors yearn to visit Tahiti. The goal is to experiment new ways to utilize technology and digital learning methods to enable education for all children anywhere, anytime. Planning pays off, but plan is only a plan. An ambitious man, Christopher Columbus hoped to find a Western trade route to the lucrative spice markets in Asia. There are almost 250 extant mammal species recorded is Madagascar and the time is running out. July 22, 2011. Similarly, if you plan for a longer route, you have to have more things with you in terms of provisions and equipment. The Magellan-Elcano expedition was the first expedition that completed the travel around the world. We, the parents, are dedicated to give them extraordinary childhood that will benefit them throughout their entire lifes. We truly hope that we can make a difference in someone else`s life with our Sail For Good project that will be big part of our expedition. This is our first offshore blue water sail and the longest sail we would have attempted yet. Clipper Round The World. See more ideas about around the worlds, remote island, world. And similarly, towards the end of your route, after passing South Africa, you will go up to the Canaries and then back to Europe. The route shown is … We try and answer this question as best we can in this week’s video. Yep, that's the place. We hope we have been able to make an impact on those communities we visit during our voyage. In this 6-part article, he looks at trends over the years. So, it is a result of careful planning and with as few compromises as possible. The plan is to circumnavigate the globe and follow historical navigation routes including some detours to most magical places on earth. s/y, We truly hope that we can make a difference in someone else`s life with our. Unicef. You can sail as trainee crew on this incredible voyage. Sail from the Atlantic westward to the Caribbean, using the trade winds, crossing the Panama Canal, the South Pacific Ocean, and then either around Cape of Good Hope or through the Suez Canal. Click the article to check out the route and best time to go. Ever thought about sailing around the world? Looking at the map, you will see this route certainly doesn't have speed in mind but rather providing the traveler with enough opportunities to stop and admire. There are certain places you want to avoid if possible, but you will need to compromise. Sailboats. While the world has been dealing with a pandemic, Bert terHart has been sailing through troubled waters of a different kind. Sail For Good expedition is a private initiative based on a sailing adventure around the world during 2016-2022 by Meretniemi family from Finland with three children. About us Know that this is not really much of a scenic route or a route that would show you the most interesting parts of the world - it is solely aimed at getting around as fast as possible in the most straightforward way possible. This route runs from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal, then crosses the South Pacific to get to the shores of Australia, then through the Indian Ocean towards the countries of Southeast Asia and maybe India, then down towards South Africa with a stop or few on the way, eventually getting into the South Atlantic and back to the Caribbean. Nevertheless or infact just because of this it is just soooooo exciting. We started our true Atlantic adventure in January; first to Cape Verde and then 14 day crossing to Barbados. But that’s not an answer you say! In preparation for life aboard a sailboat we spent days, weeks, months and almost two years pouring over reference books and reading through cruising blogs. During our Atlantic crossing we will stop to say hello to France´s first Emperor General Napoleon Bonapartes´spirit in Saint Helena island. Bekijk meer ideeën over zeilen, zeilboot, jachten. Sailing Around the World - Routes & Tips Jan 28, 2016 - sailing around the world route map - Google Search However, it remains the fastest sailing route around the world, and as such has been the route for several prominent yacht races, such as the Velux 5 Oceans Race and the Vendée Globe These grounds also fascinated British evolutionist Charles Darwin in his voyage around the world. ROUTE PLAN FOR SIX YEAR WORLD CIRCUMNAVIGATION EXPEDITION, We plan to spend big part of our time in the isolated archipelagos of PNG and Indonesia. How and why were moais carved and moved? Updated: July 29, 2019. Click on the hotspots above to find out more about Ellen MacArthur's route around the world. We will sail around South America and Africa and therefore will not use man made canals (Panama and Suez) that today provide tromendous help to maritime industry by offering short cuts between oceans. “Prior to 2019, there was only one person to have accomplished this feat: Sir Robin Knox Johnston. Apply; About; The Race. Nothing else gives you the freedom sailboats do. This route requires sailing through the Panama and Suez Canals, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, and the Atlantic. The first around the world sailing record for circumnavigation of the world was Juan Sebastián Elcano and the remaining members of Ferdinand Magellan 's crew who completed their journey in 1522. Did you find the answer to your specific question? Just tell us the best email address to send your tips to: Improve Sailing If you are planning to sail round the world, it’s important to keep up to date. First part of the year (July-October) will explore the Caribbean side of Colombia and Panama and spend same serious time with Kuna indians in San Blas archipelago. Holiday islands Mauritius and Reunion will be our stops before rounding Madagascar towards African continent. By Alvah Simon. In this episode of Sailing Nandji, We take on our greatest challenge yet and attempt to cross the Coral sea. #hawaii #california #sandiego #la #seattle #sailing #route #map #itinerary Pirates, economics, and personal ambitions have reshaped the courses sailed by the world’s fleet of over 10,000 bluewater cruising sailboats. Contact us But it is also among the most, if not the most rewarding ways. We will explore small islands of Malaysia, visit the James Bond Island in Thailand, dive at the Similan Islands and enter mystical Sea Gypsy grounds in Burmese Mergui archipelago where unique, A true circumnavigation of the Earth must: start and finish at the same point, traveling in one general direction, reach two antipodes, cross the equator, cross all longitudes, cover a minimum of 40,000km" -Explorers Web AdventureStats, The third Atlantic crossing, now eastbound, will start from enchanting, We will follow the Golf stream in the north Atlantic to Ireland, Shetland islands and finally to majestic fjords of Norway. Following the classic tradewinds route, the rally avoids regions of political instability, piracy and the storm seasons in both hemispheres. Look at what is happening right now in Arab countries. Help me get S/V BOBBIE ready to go around the world! These are among the most unpredictable waters in the world. Sailors on round-the-world voyages than head south through the infamous Bay of Biscay, where strong autumn westerlies create tough sailing into headwinds. One option for those going to Europe via the Red Sea is to go through Indonesia towards Singapore and on through Malaysia to Thailand, and yachts doing this route normally leave Darwin around August. In real life things go differently anyway. You will never be far from civilization (as far as circumnavigations go). Was Easter Island in fact the our globe´s first ecological catastrophe scene? The current record holders are IDEC 3, skippered by Francis Joyon in 40 days, 23 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds for a crewed journey, and … Upgrading a Sailboat Head . You are right, lets dig a little deeper and take a look at our intended plan. All routes influenced by tropical cyclones ha… The fastest sailing route around the world is the sail south from the Atlantic towards the Southern Ocean (Antarctica) and circumnavigate the world around Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn. The route from Panama to the Torres Strait is believed to contain some of the most attractive cruising destinations in the world, and there are a whole bunch of variations you can take even within this route. Then the Indian Ocean again off the next Continent. Since then I've enjoyed sailing very much - and I've never been afraid of the water again. We cruised the west coast of Corsica in October 2016 and then sailed Balearic islands Menorca and Mallorca and finally made it through Gibraltar Strait with the help of strong currents and almost scary winds towards the Atlantic Ocean. The mystery of Easter Island awaits to be solved. Route Map; Host Ports 2019-20; Race Teams; Our Partners; Race Crew Supporters; Notice of Race; Sailing Instructions; Course Instructions; Race Teams. Your subscription could not be saved. We figured that visiting 75 countries in 75 months by sailing boat would make a grand and exhilarating plan. Explore the Legs Full Circumnavigation 1 The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg 2 The South Atlantic Challenge Leg That results in storms and swells, which, paired with icebergs and the whole place being remote, thus unlikely to offer much help, means one tricky ocean to sail through. Wear and tear is an intrinsic part of sailing; many sailors say that. Sailing Totem: Watch Keeping on Passages. Sailing deep sea and learning the way of a ship is our life for just about a year. Hi, I am a swedish guy that have a distant dream that one day sail around the world. Latest. The two routes mentioned above are among the most famous ones - one for speed, one for its beauty. Have looked on many routes but most of them goes kiel-canal-north sea-canary islands-west indies-panama canal-north of australia through torres strait and then either red sea-suez canal (piracy warning) or sout africa-St Helena back to europe. We decided to rather stay in warm cruising grounds. Six week break from sailing in Las Palmas was very welcomed as we lifted Panacea out of water and did some repairs. Sail back up north to the Atlantic starting point to complete the circumnavigation. Sail close to the equator and use the Panama Canal. Search. We have hopefully been able to build together with our partners extensive awareness and action program around utilizing technology for education. Half way of our journey we will make it to New Zeeland in November 2018. It describes the typical routes around the world based on downwind sailing. Below, we'll explore how to find the right way for you. People. Choose wisely. Our plan is to sail around the world. I was curious how to make the trip, so I did the research and this is what I came up with. High winds, very strong currents, and high chances of icebergs make this a deadly zone. We are planning to cross Panama canal in October to have good time to visit Islas Perlas, Colombian Pacific coast and Ecuador before starting the crossing early 2018. Start and finish MacArthur started across an imaginary line stretched between England's Lizard Point and Ushant on the coast of France. Vasco de Gama (1469 – 1524) Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who was the first European to reach India by sea. However, it remains the fastest sailing route around the world, and as such has been the route for several prominent yacht races, such as the Velux 5 Oceans Race and the Vendée Globe. Sailing around the world – Port Refuge, Vava’u. It is strongest in winter. Did you know that 75% of the spieces found in Madagascar cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. If you find yourself in Europe, you will probably get to the Canaries first, then continue to the Caribbean. It´s no guarantee though. This part of the earth is great for "country spotting". It can take anywhere from 100 days up to 20 years. Though you might feel up to the task now, being on the sea for a long time can prove tricky - whether that be because of loneliness (or the constant presence of people you might not see eye to eye with) the relative mundanity of the scenery or the lack of civilization. Here is an article I found from Forbes outlining the top 100 companies most likely to … Plan your perfect sailing trip! Clipper 2021-22 Race ports, race route, estimated days racing and additional information will be confirmed at a future date. The 800nm sail we expected to take roughly 8 days at sea. Please try again. This is a plan. The four finishers in the Golden Globe Race have bumped this number to five. s/y Panacea´s ETA  in Finland is by the end of summer 2022 after cruising in the beautiful Baltic sea that has been the home sailing ground for the Meretniemi Family.