The NYPD, however, is keen to point out that across the Bronx as a whole, crime is dropping. In the CompStat Report Covering the week of 10/5/2020 through 10/11/2020 the number of murders in the Bronx was 84, thus equaling the 2019 number with more than 11 weeks of CompStat reporting to go. Everyone mentions Woodlawn and Riverdale as the best places to live, but each place is dominated by one group's culture (Irish or Jewish). And while tourists don’t yet venture to the Bronx in the same numbers as they flock to trendy Brooklyn, the ones who do come north feel safe once they’re there. At that rate there should be 17 more Bronx murders in 2020 which would bring the total murders in 2020 over 100. Once a rural area, though, this borough has always had to deal with the sprawling crime taking place in its streets. Since January, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Times Square have experienced most crime since January. Crime is not as bad as people think, but I still wouldn't recommend it if you want diversity. Poverty dominated and the Bronx sank into chaos. The darker the precinct, the more crime per thousand people is committed. Though the Bronx’s murder rate is slightly higher, the borough’s overall crime rate last year was nearly identical to Brooklyn’s, with about one serious crime per 100 residents. The Bronx is boring. Demarys Mejia, 15, Missing The New York City Police Department is seeking the public’s Robbery. At the same time, it’s difficult to call the 50th Precinct a dangerous community when it’s not so bad — even 50 years ago when there was nearly four times the overall crime. Since the 1990s, The Bronx has desperately tried to fight the past and deal with major crime rates, and on the one hand they have succeeded. The South Bronx was the starting point of Urban Renewal, (large scale housing projects for low income people) and all the mistakes were made here. Many landlords mainly in the South Bronx set their buildings on fire in order to cash the insurance money. Rodeway Inn Bronx Zoo ☆☆ Umbrella Hotel ☆ Dominique’s Getaway NYC ☆ Apartments Casino Advertise Online Advertising Favorite Posts Home / News / Crime & Punishment. Morrisania, Rivera’s neighborhood, and Crotona Park fall under the 42 nd. From 1993 to 2010, there was a … Assistant Bronx District Attorney Irvin J. Goldsmith questions six members of The Daggers, a Harlem street gang, about their clash with a gang of teenagers from the Bronx in 1953. Besides the gang rivalries and the crime rate, there was another issue in the 60 and 70s. The cradle of hip-hop, the home of the New York Yankees, and the setting for many a story, the Bronx is definitely one of the best-known parts of New York City; popular among both Americans and foreigners. Three of those “stubborn pockets of crime” were in the South Bronx: the 40 th, 41 st and the 42 nd precinct. Crime & Punishment 5314 results found in this category Missing. The number of murders in the Bronx for 2019 totaled 84. Even with 3,000 reported incidents, the 50th Precinct was a pretty safe place to live in the Bronx in 1970. Unsurprisingly, the Bronx turned into a deprived area with an increasing crime rate. On the desk are two 22-caliber rifles which police found in the boys' car.