Curious George, Curious George Full Episode, Curious George Hide and Seek, Curious George Movie » Hide ads with VIP : Curious George / S06E06 : Sock Monkey Opera: Season 6, Episode 6 | Aired on September 5, 2011 | TV-G | 10 min. Now George is ready for his next big adventure! George builds Hundley an ocean raft; George learns to play the drums for MYH's birthday party. "George Gets the Hiccups": George tries to get rid of his hiccups. Follow Curious George channel and watch more new video upload. Sign up. Later, he realizes he just needs to fix the hole in the old hat. Nobody at the auction seems to want the mittens but George remembers that Mr. Glass had his eyes on the same mittens. 7. George Crabtree's long-lost father is introduced (ep.1304). The Man with the Yellow Hat and George are off to the airport to start their vacation. "Water to Ducks": After a rainy country day, George finds a flock of ducks that have taken refuge in a puddle and spends the day playing with them. Year: Season 9. The Man with the Yellow Hat tells George about the time he got a new soccer ball because of it. George lives to find new things to discover, touch, spill, and chew. Season: OR . Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Critic Ratings: N/A Critics Consensus. "Auctioneer George": George and Marco are attending their first-ever auction in the city. "Fly Paper": George and Betsy try to get into Mr. Glass' record book by making a paper airplane. When the Man goes out to help Professor Wiseman, George figures out how to use the juicer but must now figure out Juicy Jake's recipe for their favorite juice of his. "Curious George, Sea Monkey": George and The Man With the Yellow Hat travel on a boat with Professor Wiseman as well as Professor Pizza and Professor Einstein to retrieve a weather satellite that has fallen from space into the ocean. Curious George Full Episodes. Curious George season 10 episode 13 Meteor monkey : Mr. Griggs takes a photo of a comet that hits Mars using his telescope. But the chef has a friend named Mr. Glass, a billionaire who owns an apartment building called the Glass Palace and has a love of all things unique. 7. The Man then realizes that after teaching George everything for so long he forgot to teach him about nothing! George is outside watering the garden when he gets muddy. Browse more videos. Curious George, Curious George Full Episode, Curious George Hide and Seek, Curious George Movie "Zoo Night": After watching a live video of the new panda on the zoo website, George rushes to the zoo to see it, but gets accidentally locked inside after closing time. ": The firehouse's new mascot Blaze keeps running away, eventually ending up in the animal shelter. "Curious George Rides A Bike": George sees Bill riding his bike and doing his paper route which make him want to do the same. Mr. Glass wants to tear the building down but George gets the idea that they should fix it up and reopen it. They decide that Steve's boat may be floating in the ocean somewhere. George lives to find new things to discover, touch, spill, and chew. The Man with the Yellow Hat finds his old bike and adjusts it for George before teaching him how to ride. "Curious George's Amazon Adventure": To raise awareness for the rainforest, Professor Wiseman enlists George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to help make a movie about the different plants, animals, and insects that call it home. Basic Training; A Winder-er Wonderland. Season 10 Episode 6 23m. So, George decides to make one of his own to replace his busted up soccer ball. It doesn't sound well, but it still is used in a concert. George and The Man have just brought home a new rug. CURIOUS GEORGE is an animated series based on the popular books by Margret and H.A. Season 13 Episode 1 23m. Monkey the Magnificent; Curious George: Cat Sitter. George begins in a wheelchair and does not know how to use it, but Hundley teaches him how to navigate around the furniture in his apartment. Steve wants to find a way to test the boat out but when he is unable to in the museum he decides to go to Endless Park. "George's Curious Dragon Dance": George and Marco are excited to help their new friend Lily practice the dragon dance for the Chinese New Year parade. When he decides to bring those things home, he winds up with more keepsakes than trash! 10:16. George must find a way to break Hundley out of the animal shelter. George tries communicating with the cows, distracting them, and building a wall, but nothing seems to work until he uses a strong wall to save one of the flowers causing the cows to not get past the wall. This DVD skips over the children talking between shows, so if you are watching Curious George on Prime you probably are already use to this. Sign Up Now! They find their way back to the island but must now find The Man With The Yellow Hat and The Doorman. George helps Bill with fence painting; George and MYH try to bake bread from scratch. The predictably precocious Curious George springs to life in this animated series based on Margret and H.A. "Buggy House": George builds a house for a bug. He trusts George to take a box of prepared burgers out to his truck to get sent to the annual firefighter's picnic but George accidentally puts them on the wrong truck. 11:22. I cannot recommend George highly enough. George and Bill are then left soaring across the country sky and have no clue how to stop and land. Afterwards, George is faced with another clog, this time in the dishwasher and decides to fix it himself, dismantling not only the plumbing in the apartment but also in the basement. Rate. The only propblem is that Mr. Zoobel does not know how to put on a wind symphony. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Soon, George comes across a pig that had wandered out the night before and has to find a way to get it home. Steve has a plan to simply run fast but George and Betsy come up with a plan to sort all of the packages by the number of the buildings they go to. DJ George (Episode 13) Curious George Season 6. Rate. Spelunkey Monkey; The Dive-In Movie. This is a list of episodes from the children's animated television series, Curious George. But once flea season begins Hundley's dignity goes right out the window - right along with his collar! One time he tried to get a honeycomb … We love Curious George and season 6 offers a ton of episodes. "Your Churn, George": George volunteers to make some butter and soon discovers the process is harder than a run to the supermarket. Bill tells George and Allie a spooky story about a scarecrow called "No Noggin" who haunts the countryside on Halloween, and kicks people's hats. "Red Planet Monkey": George is thrilled to visit Pizza and Einstein's Space Center to help solve a problem with the Mars rover. Chipmonkey; Loch Ness Monkey. But Gnocchi, always going to the chef whenever she sees him, starts walking across a tightrope to their act upsetting one of the Zucchini's who is allergic to cats. "Curious George, Personal Trainer": Curious George and the Man persuade Professor Wiseman to start working out instead of working in the museum all day. After Steve loses his marker under the sofa, he decides to put the camera on his pet hamster, Hoagie. 6 "George-O-Matic / Curious George, Sheep Herder" February 23, 2011 () "George-O-Matic": At the museum, George discovers something he has never seen before-a vending machine and becomes curious as to how one works, thinking there is a farmer and an apple tree inside an apple machine. Unfortunately, Allie climbs so high up a tree when chasing Jumpy that she winds up stuck and George needs to find a way to get her down. 5:05. "Color Me Monkey": Mr. Glass is looking for something unique for the lobby of his Glass Palace. Pop! "George and the Giant Thumb": It has just rained in the country and Bill is having some trouble throwing newspapers due to a sprained thumb. This allows George to mirror the experiences of kids who live in an urban environment and those who live in a rural environment. "King Doggie": Hundley is mistaken for a lost aristocratic doggie, and George must prove he isn't the right dog. "George's Backwards Flight Plan": Professor Wiseman is set to launch B.I.R.D., her bird migration tracking device, but the remote control isn't functioning properly, as everything on it is reversed. If you are viewing it on TV or other George … George visits Pizza and Einstein's marine rehabilitation lab; George makes banana bread. "Sleepy Sheep": On New Year's Eve, George is so excited that he can't sleep, so he tries to count sheep. So George gets the idea to build a dam of his own to make a new pond. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy In Search of Space Monkeys. 4 years ago | 16.7K views. "Feeling Antsy": One morning in the city, a breakfast mishap leads to a mess of food all over the floor of the apartment. But when the person who was supposed to receive them sees them, George realizes his mistake. "Mush": George learns how to steer a dogsled team to rescue the Man. 25:10. 24min. Bill and George decide to form a task force to earn enough money to buy the kite. "George and Allie's Lawn Service": George and Allie try to keep two baby goats from escaping. Season 5 & 6 both had 10 episodes. Claire Goose, who has appeared in such UK series as The Coroner, Death in Paradise, Waking the Dead and Casualty, guest stars as Dr. Talbot in the premiere episode. One of the Doorman's homing pigeons which he keeps on the roof of the apartment building. It's Professor Wiseman's birthday and The Man with the Yellow Hat has bought her a present which George is determined to open. She entrusts George and Steve to get the xylophone to the school. Watch Curious George S13E28 online. That's when he decides that maybe, if a map can tell you how to get someplace, maybe he can make one to tell Bill and the others who also want to dance. Rey andMargret Rey, also another sequel toCurious George: Go West, Go Wild. So George took her to a park carnival, where they rode the Ferris wheel, watched a puppet show and grabbed balloons. Curious George - Roller Monkey - Curious George Games. Based on its weight, sound, smell, and bristly hair, they're certain it's a baby goat! After the Man buys him a George-sized bike, Bill entrusts him with a paper route which goes well, until George sees several ducks in a pond and wants to make paper boats like that time he went to the pond with The Man. "Prints of a Monkey": George uses fingerprints to find a missing museum artifact. / George & Allie's Egg-cellent Adventure", "George's Sleepover / Curious George Goes to the Dentist", "George Lights Up the Night / George and the Jug Owl", "Four Hands, Eight Arms / Oil Saves the Day", "Night at the Amusement Park / Hockey Monkey", "A Fair to Remember / The Great Doxie Round-Up", "Curious George and the Wake-Up Machine / Healing Hundley", "Pig-Headed George / Nightmare on N Street", "Monkey the Magnificent / Curious George: Cat Sitter", "George's High-Tech Sleep Over / The Ring's the Thing", "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night / Curious George, Dog Groomer", "Flower Monkey / George and the Golden Egg Hunt", "Delivery Monkey / Another Mystery Package", "Monkey Clean, Monkey Do / A River Runs Through It", "The Lost Treasure of Bugaboo Bend / Apple Pie of My Eye", "For Your Ice Only / George & the Unforgettable Father's Day", "Over the Edge / A Rose by Any Other Name", "George and the Guide Dog / Whatever Floats Your Boat", "Blowin' in the Wind / George's Noisy New Neighbor", "George Gets the Hiccups / The Trash Cam", "Lost & Found / George in His Own Backyard", "Window Dressing / The Great Treehouse Hoist", "Basic Training / A Winder-er Wonderland", "Twain a Fence and Hard Place / Loafing Around", "George's Little Library / Monkeys of a Feather", "Water Ski-Daddle / The Greenhouse Effect". Buy Curious George: Season 1 Episode 16 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Rey. Spelunkey Monkey; The Dive-In … Worse off, George is told he has only 2 minutes of air to complete the job. The first season finds George making a home for his homing pigeon friend, ... September 13, 2006. TVY. He lives with his sister Betsy, dog Charkie, & Aunt Margaret in the City. Hundley supervises. George is off to the country boat building contest but on the way, he sees something interesting: a boat that carries cars on the water. "Cuckoo Cockatoo": George means Sunny the Cockatoo and learns how smart he is. "We Otter Be Friends": An otter swims away with the keys to Mr. Quint's boat, and George must try to get them back. S13 E2 23m. The complete guide by MSN. After hearing the Man with the Yellow Hat's frog impressions, Bill decides to sign him up. Don’t worry, we have over 1,000 awesome kids TV episodes that your little ones can get stuck into with your Kids Pass. Rate. When Charkie can't seem to stay away from the box, George gets the idea to disguise the box as something else. His curiosity gets the best of him and he soon finds himself flying around the countryside, even taking his friend Jumpy Squirrel with him. Curious George - Monkey Jump - Curious George Games . 0. S11 E3 23m. Curious George Season 13 View all. Synopsis:The Man With the Yellow Hat contracts poison ivy on his hands, so George concocts work-arounds for him. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; Curious George, Dog Groomer. September 14, 2006. Curious George Full Episodes Old McGeorgie Had a Farm Full Episode. "George Fixes Betsy's Wagon": George has to take a pile of stuff down to the recycling center. 7.2. Curious George Season show reviews & Metacritic score: The Man with the Yellow Hat invites George spelunking. Based on the best-selling Curious George books by Margret and H.A. George must wear a cast for a few weeks and stay home. "George Measures Up": Chef Pisghetti believes he's broken the world record for the world's longest strand of spaghetti with a strand of spaghetti that measures 30 feet long. The plumber fixes the clog and leaves, and the Man also leaves, to buy George some new bath toys. A group of gophers have made their home in the ground under the garden and are stealing the grapes. Download to watch offline and even view it on a … "Submonkey": When Professor Pizza's birthday present is dragged away by a strong ocean current, George volunteers to take an undersea adventure in a monkey-sized submarine to retrieve it. George must also figure out a plan to sneak in, free Hundley, and sneak out. S13 E5 23m. megairakjerstin. But then George hears some different noises. 2. He's selfish, & clearly has a high opinion of himself. This content is not currently available. Reference: "Natural Geometric Exploring" refers to National Geographic. Later, though, George is also left in charge of the baseball park snack bar and he sees numbers higher than 10. "A Good Yarn": George must fix Mrs. Renkins' new scarf. The following is a fanfiction movie and should not be considered an official Curious George story. Now George and Hundley have to work together to find how to get rid of the ants without hurting them and stop more ants from coming. "Leaky Faucet": George tries to stop the leak in the kitchen sink. George knows how to clean it up, though—a lot of soap and water. Not in the country house! Curious George Season 13 View all. "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night": George and Betsy must try to ease Charkie's fear of thunder. He tries to track down what the sound is but he cannot seem to find it Then the Man tells him it is the sound of a. Curious George Takes A Job/Curious George Takes Another Job. George and Steve now have to find him. Betty continues chaperoning George. Bill also shows George the system of ropes and pulleys that control the flat scenery as well as he curtain on stage. George later discovers that all the things she has been scratching feel the same as a few items the chef threw out, so he needs to create a new area of items that feel the same so she can stay around the restaurant. He brings along Gnocchi, whose cuteness would make a great distraction and Charkie, who could probably figure out how to open the cage being the escape artist she is. Season: OR . TVY. The Man signs himself and her up for a marathon to support a trip to Oman. "George's Little Library": George makes a little library to share books. This episode is very similar to The Amazing Race. And in George's house the rules are that you have to paint on the walls and butter corn with your feet. While the others insist on some way of cheating through the maze, George and The Man use nothing but a map. Of course, in George's hands - all four of them - investigation often leads to unintended consequences! "Bee Like Me": George dresses up like a bee and acts like one too. Along the way, George and the Man get separated and they have to get back together before they reach the zoo. Season 13 Episode 28, George and the Beat. But the Man accidentally wears it to a convention and George has to deliver the yellow hat. He then notices that Hundley seems to go back and forth between acting bouncy and playful, and acting like his normal self. "Doctor Monkey": The Man with the Yellow Hat takes George to his checkup. The only problem, though is that George can't stay up at night to count all of them. "Spelunkey Monkey": The Man and George go spelunking. 10. But when he runs out to get some camera batteries George decides to have a drink of grape juice and spills it on the rug! Rate. Most times when he hangs out with George, he always gets to some short of trouble. S10 E4 23m. George must put the animals back in their homes. TVY. Later on during the show, The Zucchinis volunteer Chef Pisghetti to be in an act of theirs. 9. Camp George; Hoop Dupe. Everything is new to George and worth investigating. Soon, Bill shows up and he and George accidentally send the balloon skyward an untether it. George wants to save the flowers from being eaten by cows. "Grease Monkeys in Space": The Man With the Yellow Hat is about to get a big job! It is Christmas time but George and The Man with the Yellow Hat have a problem. But the problem is that The Man has stage fright. But George does not know about a dozen and changes the order to 100 dozen donuts. George visits Pizza and Einstein's marine rehabilitation lab. When it arrives, she tells George to keep it safe from Charkie, because the package is fragile, or easy to break. Copyright © Fandango. One day George is walking the street of his apartment building trying to find something to do when he notices a woman leaving numbered boxes outside every building. (based on part of Curious George Gets a Medal). Join Next Episode Sign In ? "The Box and the Hound": Steve and Betsy's Aunt has a new package that is supposed to be delivered. Watch now! So he is taught how to read music and conduct an orchestra and is ready to conduct in the park until Charkie mistakes his baton for her toy. But when The Man discovers he has an allergy to the delivered flowers decorating the restaurant, and that allergies can reduce the ability to taste, they believe that maybe Gnocchi has an allergy to flowers. Basic Training; A Winder-er Wonderland. But when the old bandstand is torn down, George and his new friend Marco must find a new place for the band to play, but every place they try makes the band seem to sound awful. "Over the Edge": Steve needs help getting over his fear of getting splashed in the face with water. George tries to find the exit, but mistakenly opens the wrong doors and finds himself surrounded by giraffes, meerkats and penguins. So George decides to build his own vending machine to make it. Sign Up Now! They are short enough that my son doesn't end up watching too much tv but just a nice little break to get him relaxed before bed or while he is eating lunch. Twain a Fence and Hard Place; Loafing Around. S13 E5 … "Camp George": George and Marco throw a summer camp party. ": George's curiosity about bones leads him to climb the dinosaur skeleton at the museum but he ends up falling off and breaking his leg. George is so excited about spring that he wants Hundley to have spring fever, too, but Hundley and the Doorman are busy trying to win the Mayor's spring cleaning prize. But although she doesn't want to, the professor has 'anonymous donors' forcing her to run in the marathon. Season 11 guide for Curious George TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Curious George is the main character of a series of popular children's books and TV episodes of the same name, written by Margret and H. A. Rey.George (who is referred to as a monkey in the books) was brought from his home in Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat". George uses reasoning to find out that the scratches he had seen on the booths were not like scratches he had seen Gnocchi make on the door and he uses pieces of food to measure the length and depth of the scratches. But of course, his trying to be like them messes up their practicing for the big show. George eats the spaghetti but after putting salt in the sauce he catches a cold and is taken home, where he has a dream about a blues singing germ named Toots. "A Bridge too Farm": The Renkins' chicks get stranded on a tiny island and George has to improvise a way for them to get to land, using some items he picked up for a cookout. "Curious George and the Wake-Up Machine": George falls asleep and misses the chance to go fishing with Bill. Add Image. Bill is the proud owner of six bunnies and their rabbit mother. The only problem is, George does not know how to count! The one thing George later realizes they forgot was to plan their jobs according to the weather, with indoor jobs on rainy or windy days and outdoor jobs on sunny days. All rights reserved. Curious George is now a royal monkey but he runs away from ho … So when they see George they decide to give him a few pairs to ride around in and advertise for them. "Happy Valentine's Day, George": George wants to make his friends the best Valentine's Day card ever, but even with four paws, it takes a long time to create homemade cards for everyone. George, however finds a raft on the edge of the river and soon, along with Jumpy Squirrel, finds himself-literally-going up the creek without a paddle. "Scaredy Dog": A mysterious noise in the basement scares Hundley and George until George investigates it. Herbertryther20. George finds out that the water is being held back by a dam that was built by a family of beavers, and they will not let him play in their pond. Report. Later he comes across a group of kids playing in the snow and they give him a pair of snowshoes as well as a sled to quickly move through the snow. "Curious George, Web Master": George is impressed by a spider's web and wants to build his own "monkeyweb". Hello, and thank you for responding to my question. Twain a Fence and Hard Place; Loafing Around. That is until George shows her a day in the life of a monkey including a lesson in climbing trees. Season 6 aired from September 3, 2010 to April 20, 2011. George becomes excited at the thought of a band, but the Man will not let George play his tuba. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. But George forgets to look where he's going and crashes his bike, breaking it. Rate. He's always "going for a record" of some kind. George takes the map they have made of the city and goes outside on a look for the hamster with Steve watching the cam on the computer and telling George where to go. But George's antics wind up nearly blowing the hat away and wind up with a twig caught in the hat. 1. The day of the marathon, everything went well, with George and the Man (on crutches) cheering her on. George wakes up on a windy day in the country. The Man decides to call his plumber who always fascinates George with his work. 0. This video is currently unavailable. The Man offers to train her, but later breaks his ankle tripping, and George has to step in as personal trainer. But when they get to the airport, their plane is delayed. 8. When The Man with the Yellow Hat tells him that Bill will be riding home on a train, he takes him to the train station so George can see how a real one works. ", and George may be just the monkey to help. But George cannot count past 12 and the xylophone has more pieces than that. But when George wanders off of the bus to get a map of the bus routes and the Man follows, leaving his work on the bus, they both wind up splitting up and each trying to find a way to find the bus and retrieve his work all while trying to arrive at his appointment on time.