Diamond Crowns

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Published on - 10.11.2017

Our company’s core business is manufacturing of diamond drill bit tubes for concrete drilling. Our products are manufactured by highly experienced personnel using EU-made equipment. Our drill bit tubes are supplied more than 3 years to European countries and have been recommended as a high quality products. Our partners are leading European, Russian and Belarusian diamond tools producers.

For our core drill bit tubes we use high-precision thin-wall tubes, we are producing from cold-rolled steel sheet, which is shaped and plasma-welded to achieve outstanding seam strength. The tubes are later calibrated using special equipment to ensure required radial and end play, and ellipticity.

Now we produce drill bit tubes with:
– diameter from 20 to 600 mm
– lenght from 300 to 1000 mm
High demanded drill bit tubes are mostly stocked to reduce lead time.

We do believe in our fruitful cooperation!

Company name: Metallita Ltd

Address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk distr., Minsk reg., 223017, Gatovo, administr.bldg. inv.№ 600/С-96053 (1 floor, off.18)

E-mail address:info@metallita.com

Phone: + 375(29) 637-92-36

Webite: http://www.metallita.com

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