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Published on - 26.08.2017

Enterprise accomplishes participates in restoration and reconstruction works of lighting articles for buildings –architectural monuments on the territory of the republic Belarus and abroad.

•        The design of large-sized chandeliers and lighting compositions;

•        The production of custom-made chandeliers and sconces;

•        Technical support;

•        Installation (including supervision);

•        Warranty and after-sales service.

The range of lighting articles comprises several thousand items in various styles. The enterprise produces lighting articles of general and local illumination, including ceiling, pendant, wall, floor, console lighting articles. Quality-management system is approved by the ISO-certificate 9001:2009.

Company "Cascade" has been a winner in tender auctions for works at prestigious republican buildings for many times: the National library of the Republic of Belarus, hotel “Europe” (Minsk), the National academic Bolshoi opera and ballet theatre of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk), palace and park ensemble of XVI-XVIII c. in Nesvizh, etc.

During 1994-2016 the enterprise has performed a range of lighting works at more than 300 large buildings.

Spatial lighting installations

One of such installations is in the five-star Marriott hotel in Minsk. If you try to describe in words this amazing, sparkling all colors of the rainbow design, you get the following: on the ceiling of the restaurant are located 90 square meters of crystal "canvas", consisting of half a million crystal beads.

Exclusive design? No problems!

The enterprise’s designers follow the best traditions of lighting engineering and create highly artistic chandeliers, which are real pieces of art.

At the enterprise you can order any fixtures: from individually designed, designer "fantasy" to the magnificent Baroque chandeliers of the era of Louis XIV. It was here that the technology of the medieval casting masters Radziwill was repeated and the copies of the old lighting devices, which are related to several historical epochs, were recreated anew.

Products Company "Cascade":

- luminaires of individual design (chandeliers, sconces, lamps);

- custom design and manufacture of goods (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, wood and glass);

- products of artistic casting (brass, aluminium, bronze);

- casing pieces manufactured by casting technologies (aluminium and alloys, weight up to 50 kg);

- auxiliary equipment, articles for better working conditions

(trucks, containers for metal waste, racks, cabinets, appliances);

- small architectural forms (street bins, street light, park benches, smoking cabins, bicycle parking);

- gifts (statuettes, commemorative medals);

- outdoor advertising (illuminated advertising, displays, signs, plaques)

Company name: Closed joint-stock company "Cascade"

Address: 68 A.Nevskogo st., Lida, Grodno region, the Republic of Belarus, 231284


Phone: +375 (154) 61-16-82


The contact person: Sergey Gerasimovich

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