Highly artistic chandeliers

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Published on - 26.08.2017

Our products:
luminaires of individual design (chandeliers, sconces, lamps);
- custom design and manufacture of goods (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, wood and glass);
- products of artistic casting (brass, aluminium, bronze);
- casing pieces manufactured by casting technologies (aluminium and alloys, weight up to 50 kg);
- auxiliary equipment, articles for better working conditions
(trucks, containers for metal waste, racks, cabinets, appliances);
- small architectural forms (street bins, street light, park benches, smoking cabins, bicycle parking);
- gifts (small statuettes, commemorative medals);
- outdoor advertising (illuminated advertising, displays, signs, plaques)

Company name: Closed joint-stock company "Cascade"

Address: 68 A.Nevskogo st., Lida, Grodno region, the Republic of Belarus, 231284

E-mail address:info@cascade.by

Phone: +375 (154) 61-16-82

Webite: http://cascade-lida.com/en

The contact person: Sergey Gerasimovich

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