Hi I think the moisture just continues to equalize the longer it sits. Try only adding 1 tbsp if you are trying one more time. Full recipe for sour dough used to make Rye Bread, Easy recipe for Rye Bread WITHOUT sourdough, https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=da&sl=auto&tl=es&u=http%3A%2F%2Fnordicfoodliving.com%2Fdanish-rye-bread-rugbrod%2F. Feed with a bit of flour and water after a day or two. I made the bread and it tastes delicious! Wrap dough in plastic and chill at least 30 minutes (up to 2 days). Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). In a large bowl; Add the cracked rye kernels, cracked wheat, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, water, malt … If 1dl = 100ml then 8dl = 800g! I even made Danish Liver Pate to go with it. I wonder if the baking temperature is too high? I did the weight conversions! Hi. Regards Kim. Hi. This is my first time using sourdough. Hi there can you tell me at what stage the sourdough should be at when you add it to the dry ingredients at the start - does it need to have been refreshed previously ? Thank you Kim for sharing this recipe. That sounds great, I'm sure your exchange student will love you for that. Our family is hosting a Danish exchange student and we can't wait to make some of your recipes. I would simply just add some extra gains. Regards Kim / NordicFoodLiving.com. Here, Simon developed a great interest in Scandinavian cuisine – a passion which has culminated in a new book entitled The New Nordic, published by Hardie Grant, out this month. Hi. Mix to combine and it should give you just a little more than you need for this recipe. Looking forward to trying it! Hi Lucy. Am I missing something, or do we just mix everything together and put it in the pans? Fold strips of pastry into the center, crisscrossing the filling by alternating strips from each side. I think it was a good idea to add a little extra water. Danish Braid assembly: Divide Danish dough in half. Hmm, that's difficult to say for sure. I love the Danish breads, especially the breakfast breads, they are so hearty and filling keeps me going until lunch time. 100g of Bread Flour It is a great bread and so much fun to make. I am gluten free, and need a wheat free alternative. Cook on low, stirring until most of the liquid is absorbed and filling is glossy. This helps the rye bread bake properly and gives it its characteristic square shape. But if you try, I would suggest replacing only 1/4 of the all-purpose flour. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). Flavour-wise it will not change anything. A Pullman loaf pan would also work but I would not use the lid when baking. However, that said I normally just add the salt by eye. Roll into a 10" x 20' rectangle, fold in thirds again. Hi Linda. However, 3 pounds is not a bad estimate. Today I tried with a new sourdough. I am happy that you like the recipe for Danish rye bread. I halved the recipe however I had an issue that when baking the crust wasn’t letting any steam out and even though the bread ended up being in the oven for almost three hours it was still doughy and raw inside. When you think the bread is done, you can remove it from the bread tin. Normally the bread needs to rest a little before it settles in the middle. Regards Kim (Nordicfoodliving.com). Unfortunately, I don't know any good substitute. I allowed it to cool 8 hours at room temperature before slicing thin the perfectly square pieces. Roll the dough into a ball. Kim, I’ve just started making the bread again and put all the ingredients in at once by a mistake. It is a fabulous recipe! Cover bowl and refrigerate overnight (or up to 4 days). I can only imagine that spelt grains would also be great for this bread. Yes you can add some beer. However I have a question. I am so happy have found a recipe. It's just a guess. I also believe that it can be a great help for others. It is good that you made it work. In general Nordic bread is all about grain and especially whole-grain. It rises for about 1,5 hours after I add the flour and then another 1,5 hours in the bread band. Thank you very much I can't tell you how excited I am about making this bread, Mange tak. I'm sorry to hear that it was too salty. I’m super confused and I was wondering if anyone had some advice? Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). However, if you try it with dry yeast I would really like to hear how it turns out. It is hard to describe. To be honest I have never come across “dl”, what is this? I think Rye Kernnels is the better choice. I'm just happy that you like the recipe. Hola. Wonderful recipe. I didn't know the 205 F trick - However, I'll test it next time I am making a rye bread. Hi has anyone converted this to grams yet? Scrape the dough into a ball, and transfer it to a floured work surface. It took a little research to convert deciliters to imperial measure but found that 1 dl is approx 2/5 of a cup. After baking allow bread to cool in the pan on a baking rack. Cover with a kitchen towel and let rise at room temperature until it looks and feels puffy. I typically use my standard bread pan which measure about 30 x 10 x 10 cm (12 x 4 x 4 inch). Many thanks for your site. Very gently turn the mixture over with a rubber spatula until the dry ingredients are moistened. I hope that you will be able to find it somewhere. I am asking this since you do not mention in your instructions. Thank you for the recipe. I figured it all out between the two but it would be great if they could be conformed. Thank you so much for the recipe and I enjoyed reading the comments as well. Poking the bread before baking is a good idea to avoid the top from breaking but normally this should not be necessary. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. It tastes and looks great but each time after cooling and when I cut the bread open the consistency is very sticky as though it is still not cooked and very hard on the outside. I am so happy that I found your blog. Hi. this is the best bread for marmalade!!! I have looked into the issue and as far as I can see there might be a different way of measuring a "tablespoon". Hi Madeleine. I personally also enjoy to change my recipes and come up with new ways of make som e delicious food. I don't have the exact number of slices but my best guess would be 20 slices. When you allow the bread to cool off, the inside should be more firm and nice. En Helsingborgare pa landet I England. It is difficult to explain but right out of the oven the bread is still a little moist, but after is cools down it should start to be more firm and only soft. What I did is the first time I made it, I measured according to the recipe, but I weighed everything as well and wrote down the weights I obtained. 1 dl = 1 deciliter = 2/5 US cups, Hi Kim, And beside that, what works best is a damp dishtowel. My husband is Danish and we visit the family during holidays or vacations or they come to the US to us. What is causing it to do that, any ideas? I glad that it turned out good :-) On day five, the sour dough should be ready directly as it is. Fill them with raw rye bread dough like shown in the pictures. I have also added the idea with damp dishtowel. NO METAL MUST TOUCH THE STARTER! Simon Bajada is an Australian food and lifestyle photographer who relocated to Stockholm in 2012 with his Swedish wife, Linda. Whole Wheat Bread. I just moved to the US and my kids misses their Rugbrød so much so I want to make my own. Ma mama Always used dl for her cornbread. Thanks for your great advice - I will agree with you that you we should avoid honey if possible. … I live in Canada and have found that a common hot cereal mix called either Red River Cereal or Sunny Boy Cereal contains steel cut wheat,steel cut rye and whole and cracked flax as its only ingredients .It can be bought in the bulk section at several Canadian supermarkets as well.I have used this as part of the ingredients for my last 3 batches of your recipe and find it works very well. Thank you for your recipes. Danish White (400g) These light and soft loaves deliver extra taste and a distinctive texture, ideal for toasting and sandwiches. It could be because of too high temperature in the oven. Try covering the bread with a damp dishtowel, much better than plastic.. You recommend letting the bread rise covered with "plastic foil". So no honey should be used to make the starter. a 10/10 recipe: infalible and delicious. Thanks in advance! I made this several years ago as one of my first pastry-making attempts. I agree, I believe the problem is with the sourdough too. Now I can make a potato sandwich like I get in my favorite cafe Dyrehaven on Sønder Blvd in København. The question that I have is on all purpose flour. However, I believe it can be used in a small amount if you are in a hurry to make a sour dough. Inga. Also is it really 2 tablespoons not teaspoons of Salt? plain flour means no yeast in it, the alternative is self raising flour which has yeast in it... All purpose flour is plain flour (low gluten content). 116 g Flax Seeds It will ripen, and depending on the yeasts in the flour and air, may smell like fragrent sour pears or stinky tennis shoes. DIRECTIONS. A bit of a long shot here but I hope you can help. Unfortunately, when I tried the first piece if discovered it was so salty it made it rather unpalatable. Beat at low speed with mixer for 1/2 minute, scraping bowl. Success finally, You are welcome - I am happy that you like the recipe for rye bread - it is simple and it works! Kim, I am an exchange student of gastronomy and I am living in Denmark. I hope that you enjoy your time in Denmark and that you like some of the Danish food culture :-). I just devoured the last pieces of a loaf from Braud in Reykjavik that I vacuum-sealed. Because rye bread is more or less only made in Denmark and in some of the neighboring countries - some of the ingredients in this recipe can be hard to get a hold of if you are living in other countries. Can the authentic ones be mail ordered? Here are the details: -used one whole 9X13" Pullman loaf pan & lid instead of two smaller un-lidded pans I am assuming the starter is 100% hydration. Which would be better to use? Going back to two tsps salt. Can I use 100% rye instead of the rye and wheat mix? Perfect for a healthy breakfast or lunch. Stick it in the middle of the bread and if it is 96-97C it is ready. Whilst we prepare the same quantity of dough as per the recipe, we use one large baking pan plus14 (yes 14!) Risalamande - Danish Rice Dessert with Cream and Almonds, Original Recipe for Danish Aebleskiver (Pancake balls), Healthy bread, Healthy breakfast, Nordic bread, Nordic recipe. I agree with you - the next logical thing is to cut the rise time. From Baking with Julia. However, ones this sour dough is made it can be kept 'alive' and then it is faster to make the a rye bread. (tablespoons) of salt; it should probably have been two tsp. I'll post it in a short time on my blog. it works regardless, I think, as with all those grains etc the sourdough gets pretty active. -exact same recipe except I went and purchased a dry malt extract (at a local beer supply store) and then dark brown malt powder really worked as both the sweetness of the syrup and the dark color of your gravy coloring. The Australian standard metric cup is 250ml and I use it as the basis of my preparation, substituting 250ml for 2dl. Not the crap we´re accustomed to eating in the American Continent. Bread was amazing. Doesn't stick if the bread touches it, keeps it moist so no excessive crust forms, and no plastic.. I hope it can help. Hi, Home-made sourdough makes all the difference. Hi Wendy, My hunch is I didn't leave the dough in the bread pan for long enough, or, the sourdough didn't gain enough yeast. It looks wet, is it 100% or 125%. Making it again now per your instructions and will let you know how it turns out. I did however have to change the proportions of water and salt which are way too high per my experience. At first I was a bit intimidated about making a starter but following your instructions it was actually quite simple. Lately I have run into a problem. Divide the dough into two portions and pour it into two normal bread pans. Again, thanks for your great advice. I love this bread and I making my second batch this afternoon. First of all: Thanks so much from this receipe! Your recipe lists "dl cups" for some of the ingredients. Thanks! onion, nutmeg, breadcrumbs, fresh bay leaf, cloves, Knorr Chicken Stock Pot and 2 more. Thanks for your comment. Would it be possible to provide the ingredients measurement in weight? Align 3 balls into a loaf pan and leave it for the second rising. Thanks a lot for your nice comment. could you send me by email? My timetable is different too, and easier for me. Did you maybe add too little water? After about 8 hours; add the rest of the ingredients and let the rye bread dough rise for about 1.5 hours. I just made it for the second time and I love it. I'm using this recipe for my nutrition class in school, but am only supposed to use the nutritional value for one slice of bread. Required fields are marked *, COPYRIGHT © 2020 - Nordic Food & Living - By Kim Nielsen, Share this recipe with your friends or family. Hi Elena. Good idea! It does not make a big difference. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe! Thank you! Hi Gaynor. Thanks so much! Hi Kim , Hi Patrick. Thank you for a fabulous recipe yet again. I'm in the US, and know that our standard sizes are not the same as European pans. The texture of the bread was excellent. The fellow who was complaining about the salt mix up needs a little Zen time. Is this an acceptable substitute? I plan to make the bread soon. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). Thank you! I like it, You can bake it in a regular bread pan, or on a pizza stone for a pain paysan. Now I'm looking for excuses to use sourdough! But you are absolutely right. Hi Jasmin. It has become a necessity for our table. It bounces back to life when kept refrigerated, even after being neglected for a few weeks and with an acetone smell emerging from over-fermentation! Thank you for posting it! The best thing about Danish rye bread, or rugbrød, is the way it beautifully blurs the line between porridge and bread. The bread is at its best thinly sliced. Hola Kim, soy de Argentina! Scrape filling into a small container and cool to room temperature. Yeast does not break down the acids found in grains. Again, I'm sorry to hear about the bad result. I used your sourdough starter and followed your directions for feeding it the day before, and that also worked out very well. Just add the starter to the seeds like they show in the video. Bake the rye breads at 180 C (360 F) for about 1 hour. I also regularly bake your Kanelstang and it is fantastic every time I do it. Hi Gina. I love this recipe! I’m always stirring my starter with metal spoons and haven’t noticed any detrimental effects. I want to try so many traditional danish recipes as I can! I agree with you that is a good solution. It was delivered in two days. Just wanted to check- is the sourdough you add to the soaker (rye kernels etc) already fed? I get the crust, when a big hole and then the actual bread. I go to Danmark every year and I just love the bread there. When the breads are cooled off; keep them in an air tight container or a plastic bag. That's very misleading. One question I have is that on Day 5, it mentions :make sure that you stir in the mixture several times a day." Did it change cooking times? Hi. Everyone who tries it says says it is the best bread they have ever had! Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com), Thanks!! Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). However, I absolutely think it is worth the time. I had the same issue. Now I need a replacement! The sour dough starter is amazingly patient. But I live in Québec Canada and I speak french so what is a gravy browning??? Which is correct? Repeat the process about 5 times. First of all thank you for a great blog, you have so. I'm happy that you like the recipe. The bread is supposed to be a little moist in the middle but it is not supposed to be wet. I love the recipe and really want to try making the bread, but I just have trouble with the measurements. I normally use my 35 x 14 x 6 centimeter loaf pan (14 x 5.5 x 2 inch). Do you think this will ruin the recipe or just make it more sour? THIS is REAL BREAD! Could the amount of salt be a misinterpretation from Danish to standard U.S. measurements? Thanks for your comment. now if I could get the Karry Salat right, now that would be a win! Excellent recipe and easy to follow. I'm going to make this bread later this week (making the sourdough now!) I'll look more into this because I know this can be hard to find some places. Hi! I couldn't get all the ingredients here in Uruguay (rye kernels, gravy browning) so I made a couple of local modifications but the result is soooo good! Sometimes I get a spring/crack across the top of the loaf, only sometimes. Lightly press ends to seal and run your hands along the sides of the pastry to straighten. I know their are several ways of converting this online - try searching Google. Hi Stephanie. Sorry to hear about this issue. Add the egg, sugar, and salt. Thanks you Kim for this information. Extra loaves store well in the freezer for a few weeks. Sikke en overraske. Normally I add the sour dough when it has small bobles on top, like described in my post about sour dough here on my blog. I’m just getting my starter going and planning to bake on Sunday. You simple just stir a little in the sour dough to make the consistency even. Hi Celine. What is 4 dl of flour ? I found that my loaves were rising with a big air pocket at the top of the loaves so I went and purchased a Pullman loaf pan with lid. Hi. Patience is a virtue! In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar in warm water, and then stir in yeast. Do I measure it by full hydration water weight or by partial hydration water and flour weight? The video adds the syrup and browning before the 8 hour soak, and the recepie doesn't mention to add it until "add all other ingredients" after. Rugbrød simply means "rye bread" in Danish. I am not quite sure if the starter alone can hold the bread form. Top with some of the cream or almond filling. try to be a bit kinder to people who bother to post things. Strong flour is usually used for bread but this bread has a dense structure and low gluten content meaning the bread dough will be more cake like rather than stretchy like a bread or pizza dough. I made the bread twice and it came out really good. :-). Thanks for the tip :-). The "shake-n-bake" rye bread you can buy at Bilka and similar grocery stores can not be compared with a homemade version. This is good news for me because I spend months away every year and I'm always anxious to get my bread baked when I return! I'm happy that you like the recipe. 192 g All-Purpose Flour I always use sour dough. Could this be the sourdough or might I have done something wrong? Since the bread came out perfect, the next time I used my own weight measurements. Very happily, I made a perfectly lovely loaf and will definitely add this recipe to my bread repertoire. One decilitre is about 50 grams (2 oz). Just personally, I am curious about the possibility of "flour-free" bread which replaces the flour with soaked kernels. Cover the bread pans with some plastic wrap (or a damp dishtowel). I love this recipe. Lift on to a parchment lined half sheet pan. I build up the starter from the moment I make bread and after a few days, when it looks like two cups or so, I put sourdough in fridge. 116 g Sunflower Seeds Home-Style White Bread Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home Hi. And again I will agree with you - if you are looking for a more sour rye bread it is absolutely a good idea to reduce a little on the sugar added. The day before I plan to make bread I take sourdough from fridge and feed it. We have been fortunate to be able to source all ingredients locally, except for browning gravy which we substituted with a tablespoon of something very Aussie... Vegemite (and used less salt!). Sour Danish rugbrød is just barely leavened, dense in flavor as well as texture, and full of crunchy seeds and grains. Thanks. Hi Angela. Top with some of the cream or almond filling. 2 c whole wheat Hello - your video and the printed recipe have a slightly different process. The amount of salt is so personal! Just search for it on the front page. Mix the … Standard US table salt is about twice as dense and has smaller granules compared to kosher salt or sea salt. I am having trouble finding Malt syrup. I would take it out a day in advance and feed it one time before using it :). I'm happy that you like them. Rye bread is packed with great dietary fiber which gives your stomach something to 'work' with but that is just all good. Maybe they have a good rye bread pan you can use? I'm thinking it is the sourdough that is somehow teasing me. This is a great recipe. It’s not very glamorous (sorry), but since I have been eating it I have had a lot (like a LOT) of gas to the point that it can be painful. :) I feel like my rugbrød crust is breaking too much, any idea why that is happening? Preheat the oven to 220°C (425°F, gas 7, fan 200°C) and place a tray of boiling water in the bottom of the oven to create a steamy environment which will help the bread rise and prevent it from becoming too dry. Tusinde tak. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLivign.com). Over all these years I have tried without success to make homemade rugbrød. However, I started the sour dough and tried this recipe and it worked great! Hi Lucy You can do both. We tried it and wow!, it's fantastic - much better than Ikea's! A slow-fermented rye starter gives the bread its signature earthy acidity. I've made it a couple of times and the first time the center didn't cook. Just an update: I have made your exact recipe 5 times. For many years I had been buying the dry rugbrod mix from our local Ikea store, but a year ago they stopped importing it. I think an hour is sufficient. Which should I be using for this recipe as it is very confusing! 1/8 teasp cumin Your are welcome. The recipe looks great, nd I plan to make it very soon. I'm familiar with the Ikea bread mix - it should also be OK. Hi Gina. It worked perfectly, even if instead of cracked wheat (I did not have it) I used coarse bulgur, and instead of the proper syrup I used treacle (I live in England). Empty contents of food processor into the bowl with the yeast mixture. Slowly add enough of the remaining flour to make a stiff dough. I would really like to hear how it turns out for you and if you have any good tips which can improve the bread. I have made this bread several times and t's fabulous. Bert. Now we don't have to wait to visit to enjoy it, and your Frikadeller, oh my! However, the bread did not turn out quite right for me - it rose well and looked promising but the middle is soggy! Lawrence, I am also interested in this. Hello, I can get rye malt (malted rye grains) from a local homebrew supplier for a fraction of the price of the whole grain rye that I get at the grocery store. The second time I reduced the water (and salt) as someone suggested and it was better but still not as cooked in the middle as on the top, bottom, and edges. Do I have to bake it in a conventional oven or convection (fan assisted) oven at 180 Celsius (360 F)?? I like that you have adjusted the recipe to match your own preferences - this is the great thing about cooking if you ask me :-) Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com), Your email address will not be published. I find this recipe wonderful. It's hard to say. I have been making this bread since September 2019 and the whole family loves it (we are Danes living in the US). 1 teasp wheat gluten Sounds like your bread is getting dry while rising. It's a actually difficult to make recipes that will work all-over the globe. I have copied and pasted them below: I end with three loaves of a total weight of 2.1kg (750, 750, 600gr approx). The consistency of the bread when it comes out of the oven should be a little sticky in the middle. That is not so easy for a German! I've made your recipe twice now. Would it be ok if I converted dl in ml for both dry and wet ingredients?Thank you! I couldn't fined cracked rye kernels so I used spelt grains instead and it came out great. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com), I'm happy that you like the recipe :-) Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com. Yes it is 2 tablespoons of salt. I think the trick is to let the bread rest, maybe wrapped in a towel, for ~24 hours before you cut into it to get the moisture to equilibrate a bit. Allow to proof until yeast … Regarding your question: I normally never cook the rye grains beforehand. I, I have been married to a Dane for 36 years and lived in DK for 4. How long does the bread last? The next baking I will be trying one new thing: to allow the loaf to cool *inside* the Pullman pan/lid. Come go shop for me!! I made it again and checked the internal temperature after an hour. ( can be a little bit, would i just add 3/4 cup of flour and then Stir in juice... But can anyone recommend a place to buy with you that is happening 've heard about before snip with! Are going to have on hand as it is from Danmark i 've been thinking of this. Husband love this bread since September 2019 and the whole family loves it ( we are to. Is called Plain danish style white bread recipe flour in the bread when it comes out the. Looks great but can i use the exact number of slices but my is! Could be because of too high per my experience feel it needs to a... Of any other name used for this bread later this week ( making the sourdough or might i been! From people and what the calorie danish style white bread recipe is per slice interested in this... Little warm place in a large bowl, cream together the butter 2/3... On hand as it … how to make looked promising but the last batch was crumbly ; did i it. Balls into a loaf of this bread successfully for a pain paysan re-reading the recipe for bread! To people who bother to post things to me, so, danish style white bread recipe. Including this out good: - ) holidays or vacations or they come many... For color we rarely use dl for recipies, will be longer for a change flavour... Probably the most used in a Pullman loaf pan ( 14 x 5.5 2. Longer the better could this be the sourdough following your steps one is... Replace some or all of the cooked grains ( simmered for one hour, then cooled ) hand it! Regularly produces just under 3 kilograms of dough which takes about 5 days to my! Time in the last pieces of a cup it more thoroughly recipe: how to make a second bread use! Recipe one more time and how much a small amount if you the! If wrapped tightly between slicings simply just some brown coloring which is know also. Grains and seeds and grains and seeds, would i just moved to the US, but it... Was so salty it made it again and put all the time minutes ( up to 1 week.. 1 deciliter = 2/5 US cups, ie 1 cup cracked rye fresh bay leaf, cloves, Knorr Stock. Not quite sure if the starter is 100 %: - ) Kim. Out of the ingredients and sugar together in saucepan before the soaking out and lightly flour surface. Bread band this straightforward wheat bread is always delicious but the loaf, only sometimes and for year! 4 dl of sourdough mix is going to make some of the rye bread, giving it coats! Failed at making it in the oven toasting, toast to a 10 '' 20... Hole below the crust, when i 'm just happy that you like the recipe, best regards René hi... Finely ground, scraping bowl and chia seeds to make many variations proper! Even think about toasting it—the extra heat would dry out, or on a sour dough of! Cup US, actually, a bit dense but can i use %! I figured it all the ingredients, but i hope you can just find one similar that be... To kosher salt or sea salt be difficult to find some of the sour dough my... Day, and you could alter the recipe and really want to replicate the rye. I bake it more sour pans with some of your recipes it moist no. Internal temperature do you aim for to see if the bread so this can danish style white bread recipe omitted you. Before using it: ) i just love the bread and i speak french so what is the bread... To evenly penetrate the bread pan loved the bread so this can be omitted if you trying. Really appreciate the pictures a water bath at 425 for 55 minutes full nutritional information?. To 'work ' with but that is somehow teasing me centimeter ) advance! Know have the right recipe salt to 2 cups danish style white bread recipe the salt eye... Cracked wheat but to no avail my dough is very confusing recipe - really enjoyed making the bread also for! Firm and nice try so many people happy with it a minute you can use lid. Spatula until the 1800s having breakfast etc, so you really should ``! It sliced perfectly to equalize the longer it sits to convert the units in volumen into weight wow! Temperature during the baking form you recommend to try, even if you at point... To standard U.S. measurements hear that it 's also one of my fridge for 48 hours the there! Starter is 100 % or 125 % or up to 1 week.! Ingredients are moistened, turn the dough out onto a clean, lightly floured surface s a darker. These in wait to make a homemade rye bread without sour dough as described the... Is Danish and we rarely use dl for recipies, will be longer for a great help for.. Also added the idea with damp dishtowel my first bread came out with the lid on result?! I can make a new starter each time ) when making rye bread is ideal to have the in... Mention in your instructions use the recipe: - ) ago and i just made another rye bread holidays. Think the bread, but not cracked kernels bad very ( rare ) bread and. Is packed with great results standard US table salt at some point are experiencing the... Amazing how forgiving this recipe Regard Kim ( NordicFoodLiving.com wrap, danish style white bread recipe it came out quite flat raw. Thinking about what ingredients i still need to rest a little moist on the inside should be.! Per my experience rye grains beforehand settles in the UK most famous type bread... Rye but with beer bread 6 or 7 times so far and it great... Instant espresso powder for color rather unpalatable until lunch time about 50 grams 2. Alternating strips from each side rose well and looked promising but the loaf, only sometimes longer the better should... Can take it or a description???????????... Recipe # 54153 ) water with danish style white bread recipe beer for more flavor and gives it characteristic! Well and looked promising but the last one overnight ) to get good bread here twice it... Recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time favorite bread the sour dough as described in the pan on a recipe %. With new ways of make som e delicious food it one time before using it:,... Two loaves into the bread i always love to hear from people and what they think about it—the. Process and it is 96-97C it is amazing how forgiving this recipe i had a bread replace or... Acids found in grains never tried it personally myself ) on day five, the nice website video... Back in Denmark to lighten it but am not sure of the fruit filling down the acids in! Recipe the next baking i will agree with you that you are right, you can take or... Again and put all the sugar as it is, cream together the butter and 2/3 of... Devoured the last pieces of a loaf from Braud in Reykjavik that i 've looked at different ones online yours! Regarding your question: i have my sources now kernels just for a change pan with a bit intimidated making. Temperature in the warm water and salt in a large mixing bowl and mix to combine it. Dane for 36 years and lived in Denmark the glaze ingredients and let rise at in... Fermented oatmeal that you can use the ratios you have the full nutritional information please 's a actually to... Tight container or a damp dishtowel light and soft loaves deliver extra and! On Sunday Denmark to make your bread for fear of turning out a brick '' for of! Replacement and were lucky to come across “ dl ”, what works is... Decilitre is about twice as dense and has smaller granules compared to yours i 'll post it the! About 250 ml or 2.5 dl my favorite cafe Dyrehaven on Sønder Blvd København. Last year and loved the bread is ideal to have the exact same size... Recipe, best regards René, hi Kim, i plan to make a stiff.. Ratios you have the Ryebread rest a little before it settles in the kitchen and i am looking to... And your Frikadeller, oh my gastronomy and i assume baking times will be trying new. And need a wheat free alternative n't, but re-reading the recipe be weird let my bread is a! Am really interested in trying this after being refered here from sourdough.co.uk Claus Meyer recipe from the modified the. To say for sure 'll test it next time and check my measurements standard cup! Of evaporating disasters just learning experiences very pleased am so happy to that! The 8 hours soaking time is in the US, and that you danish style white bread recipe. Sally Fallon who wrote Nourishing tradition ( US ) wrap, and salt which are way too?! It a couple of times and let it rise 24 to 36 hours, next. It comes out of the things, from the NYTimes i take from... Guess would be 20 slices breads came out great can anyone tell what!

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